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Watch Babar Azam’s Scandal & Private Chats Leaked – Download Link!



Watch Babar Azam's Scandal & Private Chats Leaked - Download Link!

Babar Azam Scandal: Babar Azam Sexting Scandal – The captain of Pakistan in danger when it was claimed that he sent texts to a teammate’s girlfriend. Babar Azam is accused of sending vulgar comments to a fellow Pakistani cricketer’s girlfriend in a released video.

In the video, Babar also promises the girl that the Pakistani cricketer Azam will still be on the squad if she keeps texting him.

Many fans have sided with Babar in decrying the video as false, even though the source and the footage have not yet been authenticated.

Babar Azam Chat & Video Leaked

The captain of the Pakistan cricket team ‘Azam is again making headlines, but this time, the buzz is centered on his private life.

Many people have questioned his leadership due to his underwhelming performance in test matches.

There are published images and videos that include Babar. According to the great cricketer’s admirers and followers, the video is allegedly fake.

Additionally, individuals who seek to harm his reputation are involved in the plot. For additional details, read the whole article.

Babar Azam’s Chat Leaked

Many tweets express disapproval of Babar Azam’s behavior. They have claimed that the batter’s track record is poor and that he should not continue in the captain’s role because of the conversation and video leak event.

Supportive people have said we shouldn’t become involved in other people’s lives. If someone still has any sense of decency, they should refrain from spreading the rumors.

How is it even possible? A follower asked on the stream, “Do you have any proof?”

Another tweet from Farid Khan warned against stooping so low, saying it would harm Babar Azam’s reputation and Pakistan Cricket’s.

Babar Azam’s Video Leaked

The authenticity of the videos and images cannot be verified, according to a different user. The sophisticated technology that we are all familiar with can morph videos.

The populace is shocked and unable to accept the information. The phrase “Aur isko Kohli banana hai” is being used to make fun of him by some. (And he wants to emulate Kohli)



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