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Rhythmic Gymnastics: Dancing as a Sport or an Olympian



Rhythmic Gymnastics: Dancing as a Sport or an Olympian

During the Olympics, you must have seen young girls and boys, men and women standing on the wooden poles and balancing their bodies or jumping high enough to make our hearts stop without showing any signs of stress and anxiety. It also requires years of practice and patience to do something so unique and fearless. This sport has a name. It’s called Gymnastics but there is also Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Gymnastics is a recognized sport where people who are called Gymnasts compete with each other. The sports tests Gymnast’s physical capacity to balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance.

Gymnastics is classified into many types, and one of them is Rhythmic Gymnastics performed by young girls. Unlike traditional Gymnastics, where wooden sticks, water, and high jumps are involved, Rhythmic Gymnastics specifically happened on the floor with a variety of different apparatuses.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

It is part of Gymnastics where Gymnasts use Ball, Hoop, Ribbon, Clubs, and rope as they compete with each other to win. The sport has elements of ballet, gymnastics, and dance. It is also called by the name Modern Gymnastics or Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), a governing body worldwide, allows only women to participate in Rhythmic Gymnastics.

How does Rhythmic Gymnastics work?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is not different from Traditional Gymnastics. The only difference is that in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Gymnasts are given objects like a Ball, Hoop, or ribbon.

It is performed solely on the floor with the objects. Furthermore Gymnasts are judged on their danceability, grace, and coordination. Apart from that, their facial expressions, correct postures, and techniques are also evaluated.

How is Scoring counted in Rhythmic Gymnastics?

The final scores are consequently counted by the total sum of the difficulty score and execution score.

Difficulty scores mean body difficulties like jumps, balances, rotations, dynamic elements with rotation (commonly known as risks) and dance step combinations (for individuals gymnasts and groups), and apparatus difficulties.

Execution score is given on the basis that the Gymnast performs with aesthetic and technical perfection. The execution score is combined with artistic faults and technical faults. Harmony with music, facial expressions all come under Execution.

What is the appropriate age for the training of Rhythmic Gymnastics?

On the international level, the girls who enter Junior level are under Sixteen and Women above sixteen. It is also considered ideal for young girls to be trained early as their muscles are soft and easy to train. Apart from that, they will learn coordination that helps to form a correct posture, develop strengths, and improve motor functions from an early age. The dominating country in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Russia, where young girls from early ages are encouraged to participate in Gymnastics.

What are the qualities required to become Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Nothing comes free and easy. For one to achieve something, he/she must work hard for it. The same rules apply to Rhythmic Gymnastics. Apart from Hard Work and persistence, there are also a couple of qualities required for one to become top Rhythmic Gymnasts.

They are:

  • balance
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • maturity and fortitude to compete under extreme pressure
  • self-discipline
  • dedicated work ethic.

When one has mastered these qualities and has adapted them like their own, they can truly become the best Gymnasts.


Gymnastics, just like any other sport, is not uncomplicated. Unlike Cricket and football, it is not given much preference, but it has its benefits and routine. Furthermore sending young girls to Gymnastics from an early age is a wise decision. Even if they decide to pursue it professionally, their overall health will be maintained. Even more this sport also requires the physical as well as mental fitness

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