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Juice Mission: Here Are 5 Jupiter Mysteries ESA Hopes To Unravel



Juice Mission Here Are 5 Jupiter Mysteries ESA Hopes To Unravel

(CTN News) – Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, with tangerine winds and storms and 79 moons.

CNET reported that the European Space Agency will send a space probe in April 2023 to join NASA’s Juno orbiter in exploring the uncanny planet.

Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer is called Juice.

The probe will observe the giant gas planet in detail. It will study Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede, three large ocean-bearing moons.

As Juice finally reaches the planet in 2031, the agency reportedly wants to focus on five mysteries.

The ESA wants to know what is happening on the three moons because they have water.

As a second question, scientists want to know whether Jupiter’s moons, especially Europa, have ever been home to life. Extraterrestrial life is being searched for by experts. A NASA spacecraft, Clipper, is specifically designed to scan Europa.

Thirdly, ESA inquires about Ganymede’s magnetic field. Such a feature can only be found on one moon in our solar system. Auroras are also caused by Ganymede’s magnetic field.

Fourth, Jupiter has 79 natural satellites orbiting it. As a result of the gas giant’s environment, ESA wonders how these moons are able to exist and function.

Finally, the agency wants to know how such planets are formed. With so many moons on our planet, scientists are curious about how these mini-universes were formed.

Maybe Juice will be able to reach Jupiter by 2031.

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