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Bangladesh Shuts Down Schools Again Amid Severe Heatwave

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(CTN News) – Bangladesh has once again taken the decision to close all primary schools across the nation and educational institutions in nearly half of its districts, including the capital, Dhaka, as temperatures soared to 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) on Monday.

Despite reopening last week after a temporary closure due to the heatwave, schools across the country experienced lower attendance rates due to persistently high temperatures.

In response to the extreme weather conditions, the Ministry of Education announced the closure of classes in all government primary schools until Thursday, and educational institutions in 27 out of 64 districts, including Dhaka, will remain closed on Tuesday.

Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel stated on Sunday that if temperatures in any district exceed 42 degrees Celsius, educational institutions in those areas will be shut down.

Additionally, the High Court issued an order on Monday for a nationwide closure of primary and secondary schools until Thursday due to the severe heat, following reports of deaths and illnesses among teachers and students in recent days.

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A vendor stands under a tree during hot weather in Manila. The Philippines has suspended in-person classes in all public schools for two days because of the extreme heat © Earvin Perias / AFP

Scientists have attributed the increase in frequency, severity, and duration of heatwaves during the summer months to climate change.

Impact of Prolonged Heatwave on Outdoor Workers in Bangladesh

This month, Bangladesh has witnessed extreme temperatures on all days except April 9 and 10, prompting authorities to advise citizens to remain indoors during the day.

However, for individuals like rickshaw driver Mohammed Shameem, who work outdoors, finding relief from the scorching heat is a challenge. “There are not many people who are coming out which means getting passengers is tough.

But we have no option but to come out and work,” Shameem expressed. Similarly, tens of thousands of rickshaw operators in Dhaka are enduring the intense heat while waiting for customers, as most people opt to stay indoors.

“I have never experienced such heat in my life. Yes, summer should be hot, but there would have been gusts of wind and rain. But it’s not happening this time.

People are suffering a lot,” shared rickshaw operator Shaheb Ali, reflecting the sentiments of many affected by the prolonged heatwave in Bangladesh.

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