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Watch Drake’s viral Twitter Scandal

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Watch Drake's viral Twitter Scandal

(CTN News) – Despite what you might expect, Drake has dominated social media conversations since yesterday. The buzz centers around a video of the artist that surfaced online rather than a new song.

On February 6, a leaked video, allegedly X-rated, stunned fans and the public. The video purports to show the singer partially undressed and performing a sexual act.

Fans went into a frenzy when the controversial clip hit social media platforms, causing it to spread like wildfire. The controversy was fueled by reactions from various quarters, including fans and celebrities.

One of the streamers who responded to the leak was Adin Ross. Ross posted a video online praising Drake’s diverse talents, which quickly went viral along with the controversy.

According to reports, the identity of the leaker is still unknown. Everyone’s wondering what Drake has to say about the video leak.

During a live stream on Tuesday morning, Adin Ross reportedly texted Drake about the scandal.

In a voice message, Ross gushed about the artist. Eight laughing emojis are included in Drake’s text response, suggesting he isn’t taking the leaked video seriously.

In the unfolding drama surrounding the controversial footage, the artist’s nonchalant reaction adds an intriguing twist.

The Drake Video Scandal Drake me

Why Drake is trending now on Twitter?

There’s a Dark tutorial trending on a video right now, so some nude scenes are going viral.

In response to my questions about their bond and if they were the ones in the video, they said, ‘Yes, it’s me.’

Whether they were lying or joking, their video currently circulates the entire training on Twitter.

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