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Thai PM Open to Reviewing Methamphetamine Policy Amid Public Backlash

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Thai PM Open to Reviewing Methamphetamine Policy Amid Public Backlash

(CTN News) – Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, stated Wednesday that the government is considering reevaluating a policy that lessens punishments for those discovered with five or fewer methamphetamine pills.

This declaration follows popular outrage over the rule, signed by popular Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew on February 9, which states that anyone caught with five or fewer methamphetamine pills will be regarded as a user rather than a distributor.

The new possession restriction has sparked widespread criticism on social media, with many arguing that it is disproportionate given the country’s chronic drug problem.

In reaction to the outcry, the 61-year-old Thai Prime Minister has requested the public to be patient and observe the policy’s success once implemented.

“People should not possess any quantity of drugs, no matter if it’s five pills or one pill, but we will have to try the new policy and see if it works”

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Prime Minister Srettha emphasised that the administration is working tirelessly to solve the drug problem as part of its national strategy. The present policy includes increased efforts to combat drug smuggling across borders while also promoting drug misuse recovery.

Dr Cholnan noted that the methamphetamine pill possession regulation is based on medical science and has been approved by the public ministry’s psychiatrists.

The decision was made following a meeting of multiple institutions, including the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), Royal Thai Police, the Ministry of Justice, public prosecutors, and the Court of Justice, on November 3, 2018, according to Bangkok Post.

Individuals detected in possession of five or fewer pills will be regarded as psychiatrically sick patients and must undergo rehabilitation, according to the new legislation. If they refuse, Dr. Cholnan says they would face legal consequences.

Those detected with more than five pills will be prosecuted with possession of narcotic narcotics, a crime punishable by the same legal penalties as drug distribution, export, or import, with prison terms ranging from one to ten years.

Dr Cholnan went on to say that regardless of the quantity if an individual is found to have the intent to distribute, they will face severe punishment.

“The government will continue to crack down on drug rings and remove drugs from society.”

Furthermore, Dr. Cholnan emphasised the significance of medical therapy for drug users in order to ensure their effective reintegration into society and avoid recurrence.

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