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Thailand Introduces New Lotteries in Digital and Physical Formats

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Thailand Introduces New Lotteries in Digital and Physical Formats

(CTN News) – Thailand’s new six-digit (L6) and three-digit (N3) lotteries had their plans authorized by the Government Lottery Office. The Finance Ministry put forward the idea.

Like other lotteries already offered, entry into the L6 lottery will cost 80 baht (US$2.30). The L6 lottery will only be accessible online. The Pao Tang app will be used to sell tickets.

Thailand’s new lotteries in both digital and physical format

The Lottery Board’s chairman, Lavaron Sangsnit, claimed…

Both physical and digital versions of the N3 lottery will be available. Physical lottery ticket vendors will be forced to digitally submit daily sales data to the GLO.

According to Lavaron, the N3 lottery’s pricing has not yet been determined. He said that the Finance Ministry and the Board would develop the specifics of the two new lotteries and submit the proposal for Cabinet approval.

Fake tickets

Separately, the lottery board withdrew the licenses of more than 12,000 dealers who had broken the rules during its meeting on Friday.

A large lottery dealer in the Isaan region of Khon Kaen conned a Bangkok lottery shop into purchasing 400 fraudulent tickets for 36,000 Baht.

The Bangkok lottery store then complained to the police. Over 20,000 vendors have terminated their privileges, and more than three million tickets have been seized.

Look for the GLO logo watermark and see whether the ink on the ticket dissolves to identify a fake; genuine tickets utilize ink that won’t dissolve in water.

The board has decided to sell two million of the confiscated tickets via the Pao Tang app and distribute one million to current vendors under a quota system.

Thailand’s new lotteries still have lousy odds.

Despite the low chances of winning and the poor payout ratio, the lottery in Thailand has enormous popularity.

In all of its guises, the payout for the national lottery is just 60%. 25 million individuals, or 45% of the population, were projected to purchase government lottery tickets in 2021.

Check the lottery results here

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