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Watch: Thailand’s Unique Dish Black Noodles Goes Viral, This Unique Thai Dish Has Left The Internet Confused

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Watch Thailand’s Unique Dish Black Noodles Goes Viral, This Unique Thai Dish Has Left The Internet Confused

(CTN News) – Last year, strange culinary trends went popular. Keeping with the theme, in one case, social media users were astounded by Thailand’s “unique street food” while we were still trying to make sense of the bizarre food pairings or recover from the awful gastronomic experiences.

Instagram user Our Collection shared a video of a lady in Thailand preparing pasta with black noodles. In a pan, the lady can be seen adding strange black noodles.

Then she covers them with what seems to be salt. Then, after adding veggies and other materials to the pan, she cooks the food.

She properly blends the spaghetti with all the other ingredients when it’s time to serve it before plating it.

“UNIQUE Street Food of Thailand” was written in the video’s caption. Since being posted on February 1, the video has received over five million views and a quarter of a million likes.


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Many people referred to the pasta as “venom noodles” since they noticed how much it resembled the Marvel character “Venom.”

Some said that it seemed difficult to consume the meal. The video is thought to be from Bangkok since the person included the city’s name in the hashtag while sharing it.

One user mistook the noodles for worms. He said, “I was waiting for the noodles to start crawling.”

Another individual said, “That’s black squid ink pasta, but it looks delicious.”

Another individual said, “Disgusting.”

The words “Clean, tasty nutritious” were added by someone.

One guy said, “Desi Khana se sb se finest (Desi cuisine is the greatest).”

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