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Thai Prisoners in Israel Arrive at 22 in the Midst of Heightening Gaza Conflict



Thai Prisoners in Israel Arrive at 22 in the Midst of Heightening Gaza Conflict

(CTN News) – According to Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin, the number of Thai hostages held by Hamas during their latest attack on Israel has risen to 22.

The Foreign Ministry has revealed the most recent confirmation of three further abductions.

Before leaving for an official visit to Laos, the 61-year-old prime minister shared this information with reporters at Udon Thani Airport’s Wing 23 terminal. He noted that the Israeli ground attack in retaliation had made it more dangerous to go across the war zone as fighting had escalated.

Prime Minister Srettha advised Thai nationals still in Israel to contact Thai authorities as soon as possible to make evacuation plans. Thai officials were attempting to negotiate the release of their country’s hostages.

The supreme commander of the armed forces, who was present in Malaysia for the talks, was also a part of this.

The Bangkok-born PM denied that Thai hostages were a direct target of Hamas, saying that Thailand was not involved in the fight between Israel and Hamas.

Obtaining a Discharge

We are not the intended victims of anyone. We’re more like war refugees at this point. Since there are more Thai workers in Israel than workers from any other country, we have been hit harder.

It’s getting harder and harder to go around, so I’ve been urging Thai workers to head back home as soon as possible.

The Foreign Minister, Parnpree Bahiddha-Ankara, would be updated on the situation later that day, he said. He speculated that additional individuals will need to evacuate, which could make negotiations more difficult.

Some Thai citizens may still be missing after being reported missing near the Gaza Strip, PM Srettha said. We are currently evaluating the situation. However, communications have been cut off as a result of the ground offensive.

The Thai prime minister said the government was making every effort to free the hostages when asked about a Cabinet official’s scheduled trip to the Middle East, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

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