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Pakistan Punjab Police Introduces Electronic Driving Licenses To Combat Fraudulent Activities



(CTN NEWS) – In a move aimed at modernizing and streamlining the process of obtaining driving licenses, the Punjab Police in Pakistan have introduced electronic driving licenses accessible to citizens across the region.

This significant development was reported by ARY News and marks a transition towards digitization in the management of crucial documents such as driving licenses.

Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police, Usman Anwar, announced this innovative initiative, stating that citizens can now apply for their driving licenses through the user-friendly Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) website.

This online platform simplifies the application process, reducing the need for individuals to physically visit government offices and endure long queues, which were common in the traditional licensing procedure.

Advantages of Electronic Driving Licenses: Convenience, Eco-friendliness, and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of the electronic driving license system is the ability for license holders to download their licenses in PDF format.

This digital format enhances convenience as it allows individuals to keep a copy of their driving license on their mobile devices or print it when needed.

This not only reduces the risk of losing physical licenses but also contributes to a more eco-friendly and paperless approach to document management.

IG Punjab Police emphasized the tremendous success of the initiative, with over 3 million driving licenses being issued in the current year alone.

To support this surge in demand, the authorities have expanded the number of driving license centers across Punjab from 45 to 200, making the process more accessible to a larger population.

While this electronic licensing system represents a major step forward in making the process of obtaining driving licenses more efficient and convenient, it is not without its challenges.

Federal Investigation Authority Uncovers Massive Counterfeit Driving License Operation

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) uncovered a startling case involving the production of counterfeit driving licenses by a criminal gang over the course of three years.

According to ARY News, this illicit operation had managed to create and distribute more than 27,000 fake driving licenses during this period.

The investigation into the criminal network revealed that the gang charged exorbitant amounts ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 rupees for a single fake license.

To add credibility to their forged documents, the suspects even operated a fake website that purportedly verified the authenticity of these licenses.

Despite efforts by the FIA to block these fraudulent websites, they were unable to entirely eliminate the online presence of the counterfeit verification platform.

Moreover, the gang employed modern technology and methods, accepting payments through online applications and using specialized printing machines to produce convincing fake driving licenses.

This sophisticated operation underscored the need for robust measures to combat counterfeiting and ensure the integrity of the electronic driving license system.


In conclusion, the introduction of electronic driving licenses by the Punjab Police represents a significant step towards modernizing and digitizing crucial government services.

While it has greatly improved the convenience and accessibility of obtaining driving licenses, it has also highlighted the importance of cybersecurity and anti-counterfeiting measures to safeguard the integrity of such systems.

The battle against counterfeit licenses is an ongoing challenge that requires continuous vigilance and technological advancements to stay one step ahead of criminals.


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