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Airlines Suspend Flights After Volcano Erupts in Northern Indonesia

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Mount Ruang Indonesia
Mount Ruang in Indonesia

Mount Ruang, a volcano in northern Indonesia, erupted many times, forcing more than 11,000 people to evacuate and disrupting aviation transport in the vicinity. Mount Ruang in Indonesia has been spewing explosive plumes of lava, rocks, and ash for days, officials said.

The volcano on a secluded island in the province of North Sulawesi erupted on Wednesday, spewing a fiery-red column of lava, incandescent rock, and ash as high as three kilometers (two miles).

According to social media videos, purple bolts of lightning lit up the sky above the erupting volcano.

More than 800 people were evacuated from the region, and authorities expanded the evacuation zone after the volcanology service upgraded the alert level.

“The potential for further eruption is still high, so we need to remain alert,” agency spokesman Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari told reporters on Thursday, blaming the sudden increase in volcanic activity.

Hot lava flows from Mount Ruang volcano during an eruption near Sitaro, North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Antara Foto/HO/BPBD Kab Sitaro Purchase Licensing Rights (opens new tab)

According to the source, the agency also received reports that falling rocks and ash caused damage to residences and prompted a neighboring hospital to evacuate. Transport authorities closed the airport in Manado, the regional capital, to protect against ash showers from the eruption.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia have reported a number of cancellations, and it is unclear how big of an impact this will have on regional airline operations.

Officials have closed off a six-kilometer (4-mile) radius surrounding the volcano and are evacuating more residents, including those from the neighboring island of Tagulandang, according to Abdul Muhari, spokesperson for the disaster mitigation agency.

About 1,500 people in high-risk locations needed to be evacuated right away, he said, and about 12,000 more are expected to be affected. Officials have also warned of the possibility of a tsunami if chunks of the mountain crash into the water below.

Indonesia on the Pacific Rim of Fire

Volcano's Indonesia

Map of Indonesia’s Volcano’s

Indonesia, an archipelago nation located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is known for its number of active volcanoes.

This tectonic zone, which extends from the western shores of the Americas to the eastern margins of Asia, is marked by frequent seismic activity and volcanic eruptions caused by the convergence of numerous tectonic plates. Indonesia is the country with the most active volcanoes in the world, with over 130.

Mount Merapi, located on the highly populated island of Java, is one of Indonesia’s most renowned and hazardous volcanoes. This stratovolcano has a lengthy and severe eruption history, with the most recent big eruption occurring in 2010, necessitating the evacuation of over 350,000 people.

Mount Tambora is another strong volcano, well known for its devastating eruption in 1815, which was one of the greatest in recorded history and had a considerable impact on world climatic patterns.

Because of the archipelago’s unusual geological setting, tropical temperature, and fertile volcanic soils, varied ecosystems and agricultural practices have emerged.

However, the existence of multiple active volcanoes poses considerable threats to the local people, needing ongoing monitoring, planning, and good disaster management plans.

Indonesian authorities collaborate closely with volcanologists and seismologists to monitor volcanic activity, provide timely warnings, and carry out evacuation plans as needed, with the goal of minimizing potential loss of life and property.


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