Honk For Jesus, 'Save Your Soul' This Dark Satire Takes Place Within A Disgraced Megachurch


Honk For Jesus, ‘Save Your Soul’ This Dark Satire Takes Place Within A Disgraced Megachurch



(CTN News) – The movie “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul” is an adaptation of a short film. As far as settings are concerned, it feels a little light in terms of the collection plate.

Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall as the disgraced pastor and his wife desperately plot a comeback make this dark satire watchable.

It appears that the Childs are also inviting a documentary crew to follow them around, fly-on-the-wall style, as they go about their business. Even so, there are enough uncomfortable moments that they frequently find themselves speaking directly with the unseen filmmakers.
That device represents the kind of thing that student filmmakers use, and writer-director Adamma Ebo — who produced the film with her twin sister Adanne, the stars, Daniel Kaluuya, and Jordan Peele — might have dispensed with it in this format.
However, it serves the purpose of forcing Brown and Hall to keep smiles plastered across their faces while tension simmers beneath the manicured surface as they see their empire slipping away.
The mighty have fallen so far that they resort to roadside preaching amid references to “the settlement” paid to those wronged. Also, they watch their congregants flock to another church run by a younger couple (Nicole Beharie, Conphidance), who aren’t particularly good at hiding their desire to capitalize on their competitors’ misfortunes.
Having made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival, “Honk for Jesus” obviously has commentary about the transactional nature of certain religious outfits baked into the concept, demonstrating how Pastor Childs’ flashy outfits and expensive shoes are an indicator of how their flocks are exploited.
The movie’s broader perspective feels underdeveloped. The song emphasizes the plight of the central couple, and particularly Trinitie’s commitment to standing by her lover.
As a result, the movie gives Brown and Hall a good showcase while establishing Ebo as an emerging talent. As a result, Ebo delivers in a big way.
As Pastor Childs concedes at one point, “I am not flawless.”.

Honk For Jesus, isn’t a flawless movie, but at least it’s interesting.

In US theaters and on Peacock, “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul” premieres on Sept. 2. 


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