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The 5 Most Stylish Cars



The 5 Most Stylish Cars

“Form, determines the content” is a quote that applies to everything that surrounds us. In stylish cars, as in a person, everything should be perfect: exterior, interior, chassis, engine. It is impossible to love a car only for a voluminous trunk or a quality multimedia system.

In addition, stylish cars can be part of the owner’s image, so its appearance is sometimes more important than the number of horsepower. In our review we have collected the most stylish cars that can be bought at German auctions.

Top 5 most stylish cars bought at German auctions

In our review:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
  • Audi RS6 Avant
  • Porsche 911
  • Ford GT
  • Lexus LC

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

One of the most spectacular cars of our time, in which, in addition to the impeccable exterior, a lot of technical innovations are realized. The appearance with dramatic notes, and the identity of the car is realized at all levels, even in the smallest details. The design is somewhat aggressive, which is realized with the hood and sides reinforced by protruding lines.

In the manufacture of the car is actively used plastic, from which the roof, hood, skirts are made. The car is rear-wheel drive and has a long hood and a wide front panel. Minimalism is present everywhere, including the interior, which is decorated with modern materials, mainly carbon fiber and leather.

The technologies implemented in this model make a great duo of car and man. The powertrain is a gasoline 2.9 V6 turbo engine, which allows the car to develop up to 510 hp.

Audi RS6 Avant

Audi RS6 Avant

Universal equipped with a turbo V8 4.0 TFSI engine, which in the latest version is equipped with even larger turbochargers. Power in different modifications varies from 600 to 630 hp. The car is all-wheel drive, and the transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

Now about the design. The car is rather low, so it seems to the observer that it is pressed to the track. Its sporty disposition is emphasized by wide wheel arches. The body itself is also wide and it is not an illusion – the width of the base model is 1961 mm. Cule-shape is peculiar to almost all main elements of the car: hood, roof, doors, trunk lid.

The three-dimensional radiator grille with honeycomb structure in gloss black catches the eye. In the latest version, there is no frame around the grille, as well as the logo on the front bumper. Under the LED headlights, which are already in the base version, there are side air intakes, which are integrated into the bumper.

From the side, the Avant has a characteristic silhouette with an elongated front end, long straight roof line and low rear pillars. The rear part attracts attention with a spoiler of the roof edge, original bumper with decor in black gloss and diffuser. On the sides of the body there are chrome-plated exhaust pipes, and an optional sport exhaust system is available.

Porsche 911 

Porsche 911

To own the next entrant in our review we recommend visiting a car auction from Germany. The sloping roof of the Porsche 911 makes it recognizable and is typical for cars of this model since 1963. The sporty look is emphasized by the rear view mirrors, decorative strips, tailgate grille and the inscription with the name of the car brand on the doors. The car has a low hood, vertical windshield.

The Porsche 911 can be recommended to anyone who wants a truly sporty and economical cockpit with an analog dashboard, sports steering wheel and seats. Activate the desired mode with a single button and you will undoubtedly experience a vivid sensation. For everyday tasks, the 132-liter luggage compartment makes the car ideal for everyday use.

To get inside, you can use keyless entry. Simply put your hand to the door handle or the crest on the trunk lid and the system unlocks the car and the handles extend automatically.

Ford GT

Ford GT

American supercar with a center-mounted engine. The first concept car of the series was GT90, which was shown at the Detroit Motor Show in 1995. By the 100th anniversary of the automobile brand in 2003, three prototypes were created, and in 2004 the serial production of the car started.

The design of the new Ford GT is based on the GT40, which was produced in the sixties. The chief designer of the project tried to preserve the image of the ancestor of the series and made only minor adjustments.

The car is a two-seater, and its body is made of modern composite materials. The car has a space frame with a large central tunnel, in which the developers placed the tank. It is made of aluminum.

The interior of the car is not inferior in spectacularity to its exterior. The sports car boasts a rich technical stuffing. The dashboard has a large speedometer and tachometer, as well as four other arrow indicators. The impressions are reinforced by hard sports seats with perforations, climate control system and high-quality audio system.

Lexus LC

Lexus LC

The smooth contours of the sports car inspire confidence in the car and hope for changes for the better. Already at the very start the car was universally recognized and received a valuable award – “California Dream”. The exterior of the car was the result of a skillful combination of lines, shadows, angles.

The body of the sports car is made of lightweight materials, which has improved the dynamic performance of the car. Resistance to deformations is ensured through the use of super-strength steel. Lightweight aluminum is used for door panels, trunk and hood, while the roof and door frames are made of durable and lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polymer material.

At the rear, the car resembles a jet fighter, which is facilitated by spectacular L-shaped taillights with a metal frame. The trunk lock is harmoniously integrated into the taillight trim.

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