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Nearly 43,000 Ford SUVs Are Being Recalled Because Of Gas Leaks That Can Cause Fires

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Nearly 43,000 Ford SUVs Are Being Recalled Because Of Gas Leaks That Can Cause Fires

(CTN News) – Ford is recalling nearly 43,000 small SUVs due to gasoline leaking onto hot engine surfaces and causing a fire. Fuel leaks are not included in the recall remedy.

There is a recall for certain Bronco Sport SUVs from 2022 and 2023, as well as Escape SUVs from 2022. They all have 1.5-liter engines.

In documents filed with U.S. safety regulators, Ford says fuel injectors can crack, and gasoline or vapor can build up near ignition sources, causing fires.

To prevent gasoline from flowing back onto hot surfaces, dealers will install a tube below the vehicle. In addition, they will update engine control software to detect a drop in fuel injection pressure. As a result, the software would disable the high pressure fuel pump, reduce engine power, and reduce engine compartment temperatures.

A letter was to be sent to owners starting April 1.

14 fuel injectors have been replaced under warranty due to five under-hood fires. Injuries or crashes have not been reported.

In an email, Ford said it is not replacing fuel injectors because it is confident the recall repair will “prevent the failure from occurring and protect the customer.” A dashboard warning light will also be triggered by the new software so customers can drive to a safe location, stop their vehicle, and arrange for service. According to Ford documents, the problem occurs in only about 1% of SUVs.

Owners who experience cracked fuel injectors will also be covered by the company’s warranty. In June, Ford will announce details of the extended warranty. Repairs are already available.

According to Ford, this recall is a continuation of a recall issued in 2022. Ford says the repair has already been tested on vehicles involved in the previous recall, and it is unaware of any issues.

According to the company, there is no evidence that vehicles parked with the engines off cause fires.

Ford’s solution for the fuel leaks was called a “band-aid recall” by the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, which said Ford was avoiding the expense of repairing fuel injectors.

According to him, even with repairs, drivers could still be forced to exit a freeway at low speeds, increasing their chances of a crash.

Rather than making less-costly repairs, he said, the NHTSA should ensure recalls fix the root cause of vehicle problems.

NHTSA prohibits preapproving recall fixes. A Ford dealership or Ford should be contacted if owners have questions. Brooks argued that Congress should change the law so the agency can require more than just rubber stamps on recalls.

Recall investigations have become more aggressive of late, he said. A post-remedy inquiry won’t improve the fix, and it will further delay the process and leave consumers in the dark,” he said.


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