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YouTube Premium Is Getting a Price Increase – Here’s What We Know



YouTube Premium Is Getting a Price Increase - Here's What We Know

(CTN News) – The YouTube Premium streaming service may not be the most popular, but it still has its fans.

Even our own Jordan Palmer claims it’s the only streaming service he pays for because it offers tons of quick, enjoyable content without ads. YouTube Music streaming is also included with subscriptions.

YouTube Premium subscribers can expect a price hike starting November 21, 2022, according to TechCrunch( opens in new tab).

Reddit users complained that the price of their subscriptions was going up, according to the outlet.

Subscribers to YouTube Premium family plans are getting a price increase.

It appears that customers in Canada( opens in new tab) and the U.S. are seeing their family plan prices rise dramatically – by over 27%.

There appears to be a price hike for other customers across the globe as well. YouTube Premium family plan subscribers in the U.K. reported an increase of over 10% on Twitter( opens in new tab), and in Argentina, the price of YouTube Premium is up by over 290% – not just for family plan subscribers.

Is my YouTube Premium subscription price changing up?

These decisions are not taken lightly, and we understand that they may be difficult for our members.

We will be able to develop even more Premium features and continue to support the creators and artists you watch and listen to on YouTube with this increased price.”

YouTube Premium family plans seem to be the only ones to see price increases for now.

Users in the U.S. and Canada will see their monthly subscription fees increase from $17.99 to $22.99 and from CA$17.99 to CA$22.99, respectively. The U.K. will increase its family plans from £17.99 to £19.99.

Is there an alternative to YouTube Premium? 

Before you abandon YouTube Premium due to sticker shock, check out our guide to the most popular streaming services.

There are other companies that are raising their prices as well, so don’t forget about YouTube. Netflix is raising prices if you share passwords, ESPN Plus, Hulu and Disney Plus all experienced price hikes recently, and Amazon Prime got a price hike back in February.

As a result, consumers may have a hard time avoiding this wave of inflation despite all these companies increasing their prices without providing much value.


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