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Evoland And Fallout 3 Are Free This Week On The Epic Games Store



Evoland And Fallout 3 Are Free This Week On The Epic Games Store

(CTN News) – Fallout 3; It’s that time of week again, when the Epic Games Store rotates its free games and offers us two news games for free. It would be nice if we already owned them, if we didn’t already.

If you are reading this post, there is a good chance that you have already picked up either one or both of this week’s freebies if you haven’t already.

The first instalment of Bethesda’s take on the retro-futuristic post-apocalyptic future in Fallout 3 is Bethesda’s first foray into this genre.

As well as Shiro Games’ ode to classic console RPGs, the Evoland series, there is also a console RPG from Sharp Games.

Specifically, Epic Games is giving away a copy of Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition. In this bundle you will find all five of the sci-fi RPG’s DLC packs:

Operation: Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout, and Mothership Zeta. It might be worth trying out The Pitt DLC if you are a Fallout 76 fan – and there are some of you out there who are – if you haven’t already done so.

Earlier this week, Fallout 76, in the first of its new Expeditions, revisited the alternate future version of Pittsburgh.

As the name suggests, Evoland: Legendary Edition is actually a bundle containing both the original Evoland: A Short Story Of Adventure Video Games Evolution and its sequel, Evoland II: A Slight Case Of Spacetime Continuum Disorder.

The game is heavily influenced by nostalgia for old-school games, especially action RPGs such as The Legend Of Zelda and Final Fantasy, as you can see from the trailer above.

There is an interesting mix of different styles from various eras of gaming, starting with the monochromatic pixel-art graphics of the Game Boy up to full-blown 3D graphics in this game.

Here are the links to the Epic Games Store where you can find Fallout 3: Game Of The Year Edition, as well as Evoland: Legendary Edition.

You can download both games for free from today until October 27th at 4pm BST/5pm CEST/8am PDT.


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