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“YouTube” Enters The World Of Shopping, Similar To “Tik Tok”



"YouTube" Enters The World Of Shopping, Similar To "Tik Tok"

(CTN News) – With the launch of the Shopping feature on Shorts, YouTube is experimenting with allowing eligible content creators in the US to sell products through their own online stores.

By scrolling through short clips, users can purchase products.

We will continue adding product tagging for more content creators and in more geographical regions, according to a Google spokesperson.

When asked about YouTube’s motivations for testing this brand-new feature, Fadi Ramzy, a digital media expert and lecturer at the American University in Cairo, recalls that “e-commerce flourished at the height of the Corona pandemic when people applied social distancing and kept their homes, and thus its companies made a large profit.”

As Ramzi stated in an interview with Sky News Arabia, the boom prompted social media companies to enter e-commerce, including “Facebook” and “Instagram”, followed by “TikTok” and now “YouTube.”

From $7.21 billion to $7.07 billion, YouTube’s advertising revenue decreased by 2 percent.

On the other hand, Ramzy draws attention to YouTube’s desire to keep pace with technological acceleration by offering competitive features.

This is because YouTube replicated the short video feature from TikTok after achieving significant success, and now it follows in its footsteps and enters the world of shopping. This will enable keep pace with technological acceleration. Competition will be inflamed more and more electronically.

“TikTok” announced a few days ago that it was testing electronic shopping within the application. Previously, he had attempted to integrate the (Shopify) platform into the application, in order to allow users to shop online.

In response to “TikTok,” YouTube recently introduced “We Live Together,” which allows content creators to invite guests to share the live broadcast with them.

A new program is also being tested with influencers who broadcast live and sell products using links in their videos.

Regarding YouTube’s choice to enter the world of online shopping through the “Shorts” feature, Ramzi explains, “This is normal and expected at a time when short videos have become the first and most effective form of content that attracts users, and  considers its shorts feature to be its horse.”

The winner and his spearhead enter a challenge or introduce a new feature.

The announcement comes after YouTube announced a new way for content creators to earn money through short videos, which it copied from “Tik Tok” after its initial success, and introduced advertising on short videos, giving content creators a 45 percent share of the revenue.

According to Ramzy, YouTube is capable of achieving significant success within the e-commerce industry, and the first reason is that YouTube does not embark on any unplanned ventures.

Due to the platform’s strength and its enormous infrastructure, the platform qualifies for success as a result of its physical and technological infrastructure.

The short YouTube channel is viewed by approximately 15 billion people every day, and it is used by approximately 2 billion people each month.


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