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Google Maps’ Latest Update Is Great For EV Owners



Google Maps' Latest Update Is Great For EV Owners

(CTN News) – Electric vehicle owners will be pleased to hear that Google Maps has been updated for Android and iPhone. Using the app, users can now locate fast-charging stations specifically.

Your EV will be able to charge at the maximum speed that it is compatible with instead of the closest charger, which will save you time on your trip.

Formerly, EV owners could search for charging stations by plug compatibility, but this latest update highlights fast-charging stations capable of charging up to 50 kilowatts.

It is especially helpful to find a fast charger if you own an electric vehicle such as the Hyundai Ionic 5 or Kia EV6. These vehicles have 350 kW charging capability.

In order to make charging your electric vehicle as easy as filling up with gasoline, Google is joining forces with companies like Electrify America and EV go. A few months ago, Electrify America announced it would be rebranding its charging stations with updated names and symbols.

This is so that users can more easily identify which power station to use. With Autocharge+, EVgo makes plugging in and paying less of a hassle.

It is true that none of these changes are groundbreaking on their own. However, collectively they mean owning and charging an EV is gradually becoming easier. This will make road trips much more feasible.

Recent months have seen Google make remarkable strides in the automotive industry. Many automakers, such as Volvo, have introduced new-generation infotainment systems that integrate Google Maps, Google Play, and speech-to-text services.

A redesigned set of map routes that will save you the most gas was also introduced by the tech giant earlier in the year, and EV and plug-in hybrid-specific routes are on their way.

Google, Electrify America, or the automakers themselves can’t compensate for a charging infrastructure that still needs improvement. As long as that doesn’t happen, technology makes EV ownership as comfortable as possible.


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