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Empowering Business Efficiency with Windows Server 2019 and Remote Desktop Services CAL 2022 in Canada



Empowering Business Efficiency with Windows Server 2019 and Remote Desktop Services CAL 2022 in Canada

In the dynamic and competitive business landscape of Canada, having a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is crucial for driving productivity and enabling seamless remote work.

Windows Server 2019, in combination with Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (RDS CAL 2022), offers a comprehensive solution that empowers Canadian businesses to enhance their IT capabilities, improve collaboration, and achieve greater operational efficiency. This article delves into how Windows Server 2019 and buy RDS CAL 2022 can empower business efficiency and success in Canada.

## H2: Enhanced Server Performance with Windows Server 2019

1. Improved Security Features

Buy Windows Server 2019 introduces advanced security features such as Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which provides real-time threat detection and protection against malicious attacks. In the face of growing cybersecurity threats, these enhanced security features give Canadian organizations the confidence to protect their sensitive data and critical applications effectively.

By leveraging Windows Server 2019’s robust security features, Canadian businesses can fortify their IT infrastructure and safeguard against potential cyber threats.

2. Enhanced Hyper-V Performance

Windows Server 2019 includes enhancements to Hyper-V, Microsoft’s virtualization platform, resulting in improved performance and scalability. With support for Shielded VMs, Canadian organizations can isolate and protect virtual machines from unauthorized access, ensuring data integrity and compliance.

The enhanced Hyper-V performance allows Canadian businesses to maximize resource utilization, reduce downtime, and achieve greater agility in their virtualized environments.

Seamless Remote Access with RDS CAL 2022

1. Extended Remote Desktop Services

RDS CAL 2022 builds upon the functionality of previous versions, offering Canadian users an extended set of features for remote desktop access. With RDS CAL 2022, organizations in Canada can enable remote work for their employees and provide seamless access to virtual desktops and applications, even on non-domain-joined devices.

This extended remote access capability facilitates flexible work arrangements, enhances employee productivity, and fosters a modern and adaptive work environment.

2. Personal Desktop Experience with User CALs

RDS CAL 2022 User CALs enable Canadian organizations to provide a personalized desktop experience to individual users. Users can customize their virtual desktops, install applications, and store personalized settings, replicating the familiarity and convenience of a physical desktop.

By offering a personalized desktop experience through User CALs, Canadian businesses can enhance user satisfaction and drive productivity.

Centralized Management with Windows Admin Center

1. Simplified Server Management

Windows Admin Center is a web-based management tool that simplifies server management tasks for Canadian IT administrators. From a single, centralized console, administrators in Canada can monitor server performance, configure settings, and troubleshoot issues across their Windows Server 2019 infrastructure.

Windows Admin Center’s intuitive interface streamlines IT management, allowing Canadian organizations to reduce administrative complexity and allocate resources more efficiently.

2. Integration with RDS CAL 2022

Windows Admin Center integrates seamlessly with RDS CAL 2022, providing Canadian administrators with a unified platform to manage both Windows Server 2019 and Remote Desktop Services. This integration streamlines remote desktop deployment, enables efficient user management, and simplifies licensing management for RDS CAL 2022.

By leveraging Windows Admin Center’s integration, Canadian businesses can optimize their IT management processes and achieve better control over their IT environment.

Scalability and Reliability with Failover Clustering

1. High Availability with Failover Clustering

Windows Server 2019’s Failover Clustering feature allows Canadian organizations to create a cluster of servers that work together to provide high availability for critical applications and services. In the event of a hardware or software failure on one server, Failover Clustering automatically transfers the workload to another node in the cluster, ensuring continuous service operation.

By implementing Failover Clustering, Canadian businesses can minimize downtime, enhance business continuity, and maintain productivity even during unexpected disruptions.

2. Scale-Out File Server

Windows Server 2019 introduces the Scale-Out File Server feature, which allows Canadian organizations to create a clustered file server that distributes data across multiple nodes. This enhances file server performance and enables efficient file sharing and collaboration among users in Canada.

The Scale-Out File Server feature ensures that Canadian businesses can handle growing amounts of data while maintaining high levels of availability and reliability.

Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery

1. Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

Azure Site Recovery, a cloud-based disaster recovery service by Microsoft, seamlessly integrates with Windows Server 2019 to provide a reliable and efficient disaster recovery solution for Canadian organizations. Azure Site Recovery allows Canadian businesses to replicate their on-premises virtual machines to the Azure cloud, ensuring that critical workloads remain protected and available in the event of a site-wide outage or disaster.

By leveraging Azure Site Recovery, Canadian businesses can enhance their disaster recovery capabilities and minimize the impact of disruptive events.

2. Simplified Recovery Planning

Azure Site Recovery offers simplified recovery planning through Recovery Plans, allowing Canadian organizations to define and automate the recovery process. Recovery Plans enable Canadian businesses to orchestrate the order in which virtual machines are recovered and execute customized scripts during the recovery process.

This streamlined recovery planning enhances the efficiency and reliability of disaster recovery operations for Canadian businesses.


Windows Server 2019, in conjunction with Remote Desktop Services CAL 2022, offers Canadian businesses a powerful and comprehensive solution for enhancing IT capabilities and driving business efficiency.

With improved security features, enhanced virtualization, and centralized management through Windows Admin Center, Canadian organizations can optimize their server performance and IT resources.

RDS CAL 2022 provides seamless remote access, facilitating flexible work arrangements and enhancing collaboration among Canadian employees. Failover Clustering ensures high availability and business continuity, while Azure Site Recovery enables robust disaster recovery capabilities for Canadian businesses.

The flexibility of RDS CAL 2022 licensing options allows Canadian organizations to tailor their licensing model to their specific needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and budget management.

By leveraging Windows Server 2019 and RDS CAL 2022, Canadian businesses can empower their teams, optimize IT operations, and propel their efficiency and success in the competitive business landscape of Canada.

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