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Blackrock Neurotech’s Majority Stake Is Valued At $200M By Tether

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(CTN News) – Through Tether Evo, a Blackrock venture capital division of Tether, the top stablecoin provider using USDT, the company announced on Monday that it used $200 million to acquire a controlling stake in Blackrock Neurotech, a company that develops brain-computer interfaces.

Using brain-signaling technology, Blackrock Neurotech aims to develop medical gadgets that can assist patients with neurological illnesses and paralysis through the use of brain-signaling devices. In reality, there is no connection between the tech company and the massive asset management company, BlackRock.

With Tether, we hope to support the marketing and implementation of a medical solution that has already contributed to the well-being of over 40 patients.

Aside from enhancing research and development, Blackrock Neurotech intends to use the funding to ensure it remains a significant player in the BCI space going forward, while also focusing on human evolution in the long-term.

Located in Greenwood, Ohio, the Blackrock Neurotech is dedicated to helping millions of people worldwide who suffer from neurological illnesses, paralysis, loss of function, and a variety of other conditions that prevent them from walking, seeing, hearing, feeling, or even speaking due to their neurological ailments.

The company behind USDT, which is the biggest stablecoin on the market with an estimated market capitalization of $110 billion, is Tether. As part of their strategy to expand outside of the stablecoin business, Tether has recently created four divisions.

According to Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, “Tether has long believed in nurturing emerging technologies that have transformative potential, and Neurotech’s Brain-Computer-Interfaces have the potential to open new avenues for communication, rehabilitation and cognitive enhancement in the future.”

According to him, Blackrock Neurotech is paving the way for a future where technology will complement and enhance the human experience in every way, and we at Tether are delighted to join them on this journey.”

According to Blackrock Neurotech’s co-founder Florian Solzbacher, the company’s goal is to assist people in regaining their functions, which is a long-term mission that requires partners who are committed and creative in order to make it happen.


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