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Elon Musk to Become Twitter’s #1 Influencer in 2023

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Elon Musk to Become Twitter's #1 Influencer in 2023

(CTN News) – According to estimates, the day Elon Musk will surpass Steve Jobs as the most influential person on Twitter is expected to be Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

His @ElonMusk account, which now has 120 million followers, is second only to @BarackObama, the former US President, who has 130 million.

And according to statistics at Social Blade, Elon Musk is certain to surpass following a spectacular spike in the month since he purchased Twitter.

It will be a moment like no other.

The social media sector has never previously seen a platform with a CEO who doubles as the network’s most charismatic figure.

What would it mean for Elon Musk and Twitter if he took on dual roles as CEO and “chief influencer” of the social media platform?

Three important numbers were the subject of a BBC News expert interview.

Elon Musk is gaining 270,000 followers a day

Elon Musk’s popularity on Twitter is evident and is rising despite recent controversies.

According to Social Blade, he has acquired an average of 268,303 followers per day over the last 12 months and lost followers in only five days, all of which may be connected to news events.

Musk Claims Apple Threatened To 1 1

On November 12, Twitter announced a significant downsize, and he lost roughly 200,000 followers. However, as he also received new followers on the same day, the true number of unfollowers may have been significantly higher.

According to social media analyst Matt Navarra, the main persona on Twitter right now is Elon Musk.

There are, in a sense, advantages to having a CEO with significant platform impact because it makes him approachable.

Major influencers on their websites are quite rare among social media executives.

The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, is likewise well-known, but Mr. Navarra claims that he is not a frequent Facebook user and that his postings are more business-oriented.

The fact that Elon Musk is inextricably linked to Twitter and is contentious might be problematic for Twitter.

Mr. Navarra describes him as “very aggressive, provocative, and some would even say rather poisonous.” And it can be seen as potentially extremely harmful by brands.

“Packaging the personality of the CEO into the personality of the platform damages any neutrality or diversity,” claims Kate Baucherel, an advisor on emerging technologies. A white male US citizen does not speak for all of humanity.

Elon Musk is tweeting 70% more since buying Twitter.

Already a frequent tweeter, Elon Musk has increased his posting by 76%, according to Social Blade.

He sent out 75 tweets on November 22 as postings, replies, or retweets. He set a record with it.

An unidentified former senior product manager for Twitter commented, “It’s nice to have a CEO utilizing the product.

And it shouldn’t interfere with Elon Musk’s ability to run the business.

However, he asserts: “I believe those who tweet often are addicted—and maybe egotistical. No one can tweet more than five times per day since they don’t have enough fascinating things to say to everyone.

Musk Says User Signups At An All 1

On average, Musk tweets around every 15 minutes during his typical waking hours. He sometimes writes at odd hours, like two in the morning.

The analysts we talked to all agreed that it may be beneficial for a CEO to be involved with their platform, but they all concurred that the material Musk posts might be harmful.

Recent tweets included profanity and graphic sexual imagery. In addition, he uploaded a parody of a meme showing a guy grinning at a cemetery during a funeral in response to those who said he was going to destroy Twitter.

According to Mr. Navarra,  Elon Musk is a key contributor to Twitter engagement, and his most recent tweets have attracted a sizable number of new users or reactivated existing ones.

We only need to consider another figure—Donald Trump—who has a startling number of characteristics with Elon Musk.

Trump has also been a significant source of activity and engagement through his tweets, which I’m sure has been advantageous for Twitter.

But I’d also add that, in terms of the issues he raised with poisonous material and content management, he’s a net negative. Elon Musk is similarly influencing the platform.

Following the January 2021 assault on the US Capitol in Washington, Twitter permanently suspended President Trump, citing “the danger of future encouragement to violence.”

Following a survey of Twitter users,  Musk reinstated his account on Nov. 19, but Mr. Trump soon ceased tweeting.

Musk follows only 129 people.

While Musk has gained 8.6 million followers since purchasing Twitter, he has only added six new individuals to his 129 followers.

As CEO, Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, followed around 3,500 individuals. Former President Barack Obama has 570,000 followers.

And observers claim that Musk’s perception of what users discuss on the social network is constrained by his small number of followers.

What’s Happening tagline, new official badge, and Twitter logo on the phone.

127678608 gettyimages 1244636244.jpg

The former Twitter executive claims, “He has no concept what the experience is like for normal users.”

For instance, since we only show advertising to the top 1,000 users, he never sees them. Therefore, he would not have known about that aspect of the goods before making a purchase.

Even though the company’s advertisements were tweets, Elon Musk allegedly instructed Twitter’s marketing staff that advertising should “look like tweets.”

The former Twitter executive further claims that Elon Musk may not comprehend how to expand and develop the platform because of his distorted experience there as a major influencer.

The average time spent on Twitter has “been a severe restraint on our growth and ad revenue” since it is smaller than other social networks.

The former Twitter insider said, “People who are engaged users spend a lot of time on the site – but they need to find a method to improve the time the masses spend.”

Elon Musk is always welcomed with alerts when he checks into his account, making him feel good and want to remain on the website. But the majority of consumers do not experience this.

Elon Musk’s top priority is getting one billion people to use Twitter. Even to the most recent estimates from Social Blade, Musk will have 300 million followers by the end of the next two years.

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