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How to Learn Blockchain Development With Online Blockchain Courses?



How to Learn Blockchain Development With Online Blockchain Courses?

The United States alone was predicted to spend almost $4.2 billion on blockchain solutions in 2022. On top of it, predictions suggest that global spending on blockchain solutions will reach almost $17.9 billion by 2024.

The humongous scale of growth predicted for blockchain not only taps into the interests of organizations and governments but also many aspiring tech professionals.

The right set of online blockchain courses could help beginners learn the fundamentals, methods, and best practices for blockchain development.

Following in the footsteps of top players, many organizations worldwide are seeking digital transformation with blockchain-based solutions.

As a result, blockchain development has become one of the most sought-after roles in the blockchain labor market.

The following post outlines some of the top blockchain courses to help you develop your skills and knowledge for blockchain development.

Best Blockchain Courses for Learning Blockchain Development

Blockchain technology has become one of the top strategic priorities for organizations worldwide, with its multiple value advantages. Could a blockchain course for beginners help you become a professional developer?

It can help you start your learning journey, albeit without any solid promises for a career in blockchain development.

On the contrary, you would need the following courses on 101 Blockchains to check all boxes for skills required to become blockchain developers.

Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals – FREE

The first step for any individual to learn blockchain development with 101 Blockchains would point to the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course.

Beginners can use the course as a reliable tool for familiarizing themselves with the basics of blockchain technology for free. The free blockchain course helps in learning the key terminologies that are important for blockchain developers.

Ethereum Development Fundamentals

The next course you should follow after completing the basic blockchain course free of cost is the Ethereum Development Fundamentals course.

After familiarizing yourself with blockchain basics, this course will help you learn about Ethereum and its network architecture. In addition, you can learn about the essential requirements for creating dApps and smart contracts in this course.

Solidity Fundamentals

The need for programming is a mandatory highlight in the responsibilities of blockchain developers. Therefore, you need courses on blockchain programming languages, such as the Solidity Fundamentals training course.

The Solidity Fundamentals course introduces you to the important components of the Solidity programming language. The course also helps you develop the skills for creating Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity.

The Complete Ethereum Technology Course

The list of blockchain training courses for learning about blockchain development would also include the Complete Ethereum Technology course.

The course is a detailed guide to the process of creating smart contracts alongside considering other components of Ethereum. You can use the course to develop in-depth fluency in the use of decentralized applications or DAOs.

Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric

You can also try learning about blockchain development with other tools, such as Hyperledger Fabric.

The Getting Started with Hyperledger Fabric training course serves as a unique approach to learning about the project, which helps in creating permissioned blockchain networks.

Hyperledger Fabric Development Course- Intermediate Level

The Hyperledger Fabric Development intermediate-level course offers an excellent continuation of the course on the basics of Hyperledger Fabric.

It is one of the popular online blockchain courses for learning about important concepts in Hyperledger Fabric development.

The training course offers insights on best practices for Hyperledger Fabric development and chain code development. The course also serves a credible impression of the general tools used in development.

Beginner’s Guide to Corda Development

The selection of a blockchain course for beginners in blockchain development could also include the Beginner’s Guide to Corda Development training course.

It could offer a detailed impression of the network architecture and key concepts of Corda.

Subsequently, learners can also familiarize themselves with basic methods for creating assets, smart contracts, and transactions. In addition, the training course also covers the details of different use cases of Corda.

Are You Ready to Become a Blockchain Developer?

The outline of different courses on blockchain development shows that a free course could only help you to a certain extent.

One of the foremost challenges in learning about blockchain development refers to the introduction of new concepts and assets.

Interestingly, the challenges for blockchain developers would continue becoming more complicated as they try to accommodate new blockchain use cases.

However, you can always stay one step ahead of the challenges with comprehensive blockchain training courses and solid fluency in fundamentals.

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