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Apple And Broadcom Settle A High-Stakes US Patent Dispute With Caltech



Apple And Broadcom Settle A High-Stakes US Patent Dispute With Caltech

(CTN News) – An article has been reported that California Institute of Technology has reached an agreement with Apple and Broadcom to end a patent lawsuit involving Wi-Fi chips that Apple and Broadcom filed against each other in a federal court in the state of California.

In 2016, the Pasadena, California-based Caltech Corporation sued Apple and Broadcom on the grounds that millions of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and other Apple products using Broadcom chips violated the company’s patents on wireless communication.

After the University of California, Berkeley announced that it would dismiss the billion-dollar lawsuit with prejudice, this means that it will not be able to re-file the lawsuit once the lawsuit has been dismissed with prejudice.

The court was informed by both parties in August that a “potential settlement” had been reached as a result of the mediation process without disclosing any further information.

Caltech, Apple, and Broadcom did not respond to requests for comments sent on Thursday following requests for comment from Caltech, and Broadcom.

A jury has ordered Apple to pay Broadcom $837.8 million in damages for patent infringement in 2020, while was ordered to pay Broadcom $270.2 million in damages for its patent infringement.

A U.S. appeals court recently overturned the award and ordered a new trial on damages, ruling that the amount was “legally unsupportable.”

A trial that had been scheduled to begin in June was postponed indefinitely in May due to a number of reasons, including financial constraints.

It has been reported that Caltech and Samsung have reached a settlement in connection with the same lawsuit in August.

Apart from suing Microsoft, Dell, and HP over their Wi-Fi patents, the university had also filed lawsuits against these companies in cases that were still pending as a result of its Wi-Fi patents.


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