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New Google Ads Tool Centralizes First-Party Data Access



New Google Ads Tool Centralizes First-Party Data Access

(CTN News) – With the launch of the new Google Ads tool, businesses will be able to manage all of their first-party data in one place.

Google Ads Data Manager enables marketers to analyze and use consented first-party data from a variety of sources in a privacy-centric manner without the need to look elsewhere.

Over the coming months and years, this feature will be expanded to other ad products in order to make it easier for advertisers to use enhanced conversions and customer matches.

Here are some reasons why we care. For optimizing and measuring campaign success, first-party data should be prioritized. Through Google Ads Data Manager, this data can be easily accessed, making it easier to integrate into your marketing strategy. As a result, your business can generate more revenue, generate more leads, and achieve better outcomes.

There are multiple data sources connected. A variety of different data sources can be connected to Google Ads Data Manager, including customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platforms (CDPs).

These include data sources such as ActiveCampaign and Pipedrive, as well as marketing technologies such as Shopify Audiences. Cloud-based enterprise data storage systems, including CDPs such as Lytics, will also be available in addition to data sources through Zapier.

Date of launch.

It is anticipated that Google Ads Data Manager will be generally available in early 2024.

Please provide feedback.

In its initial research, Google found that Ads customers who efficiently onboarded their first-party data achieved improved lead conversions and improved measurement accuracy.

A significant increase of 43% in qualified leads has been achieved by Sansiri as a result of its new onboarding pathway.

How has Google ads responded?

According to Kamal Janardhan, Google’s Senior Director of Product Management, Measurement:

  • In order to implement a first-party data strategy, it is necessary to communicate thoughtfully with your customers. This data represents a unique advantage that you can develop by investing now, and developing a deeper understanding of your current and future customers.”

  • The Google Ads Data Manager simplifies both the process of managing first-party data connections and the process of using that data for your teams by enabling them to seamlessly access and integrate first-party data across channels. Less than a third of marketers consistently and effectively access and integrate first-party data across channels.

  • Through one collaborative interface, analysts can create new data connections while marketers can apply discrete data to measure conversions or reach people with relevant ads. In the past, engineers and analysts would have been required to duplicate tasks, including custom queries, when creating these connections.”

  • The Google Ads Data Manager does not change the way our products work today, but rather simplifies the way you use them. The tool requires little or no code knowledge, reducing the workload of marketing.


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