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Why Are These Weird Spotify Accounts Following So Many People?



Why Are These Weird Spotify Accounts Following So Many People?

(CTN News) – I received a strange tip about Spotify on Wednesday from a Verge reader.

As stated in the email, which had the subject line “Spotify Hackers,” “Every English account in America has two new followers, !” The usernames of the two new followers are lucasrpx and lucasia.

A couple of minutes later, the tipster followed up with a screenshot showing the profile pictures from both accounts that included characters from the Studio Ghibli film Ponyo, which was the inspiration for the tipster’s tip. It’s kind of weird stuff, isn’t it?

In the beginning, it seemed pretty innocuous – we doubted that they were hackers – but we had to investigate this further.

The account was not following me, so it was easy to disprove the Spotify claim that it followed “every English account in America.”

(Though I would like to mention that I have been an Apple Music user for quite some time.) The accounts did follow two other Verge staffers, and a cursory search on X (formerly Twitter) revealed that a lot of people were wondering about these accounts.

Taking a look at the images we have seen so far, it appears that “! lucasrpx” sometimes went by the name “! lucas.”.

In order to figure out what might be going on, I asked Spotify what might be going on. As a result, I received this vague statement from Laura Batey, a spokesperson for the company: “Confirming that these accounts have been disabled due to violations of our terms of service.

It is important to Spotify note that even though they are no longer accessible to the user, they may still be visible on the platform. I followed up with the company to ask for more details but have not heard back yet.

It is unclear exactly who or what “! ” is or what its purpose is. The terms “lucasrpx” and “! It remains a mystery what the vitornovaes are all about. In my opinion, if I had to guess, I would say that it is just spammers who are mass-following a lot of people.

The strange accounts may not be the only ones that follow people unexpectedly; one of my colleagues discovered two new followers with the “!” sign that they didn’t know were following them. For their profiles, they should use the Spotify “[username]” construction.

Would you be able to tell me if there are any followers like this? In this case, I would be interested in hearing from you in the comments.


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