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Thailand has Ranked 1st in ASEAN and 44th in the World for 4 Consecutive Years Since 2019



Thailand has Ranked 1st in ASEAN and 44th in the World for 4 Consecutive Years Since 2019

(CTN News) – Ms. Tipanan Sirichana, the Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, said today (January 9, 2023) that the Sustainable Development Report 2022 was evaluated using the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) index.

Thailand is a successful nation for sustainable development, with a total score of 74.13 out of 100. Currently rated 44th in the world and has held the top spot in ASEAN for the last four years.

The evaluation index has more than just an economic component. However, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals include provisions for human development, the economy, the environment, peace, and justice.

And development collaborations This policy is consistent with Thailand’s 20-year national plan, which aspires to grow the country into one that is stable, wealthy, and sustainable without leaving anybody behind.

Reflecting the sustainable and well-balanced national development strategy of Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha.

As a result, the UN developed the Sustainable Development Goals, the foundation of which is the concept of “Leave no one behind,” which is used in all UN activities in Thailand (SDGs).

According to the most recent UN 2022 report, Thailand has reached the SDG1 target of ending poverty, while five other goals are being pursued or have already been accomplished:

1. The SDG1 objective of ending poverty.

2. SDG4 aim to provide high-quality education.

3. the goal. SDG6 Clean Water and Sanitation.

4. Infrastructure, Industry, and Innovation Goals.

5. Responsible Consumption and Production Goals.

Thailand’s physical infrastructure has advanced with demonstrable benefits, as has its digital 5G infrastructure. Gen. Prayuth’s administration has recently been successful in advancing the BCG model of sustainable economic growth.

Which many nations have agreed to and which may be proclaimed as a goal for Bangkok at the APEC 2022 gathering.

“Therefore, it’s a crucial sign of General Prayut’s leadership of the nation. I used to be going properly while I was walking.

Numerous nations adopt criteria and indicators that adhere to international norms. Unlike political parties that have bad intentions for the nation.

Make up unconventional dialogue. Then, “Ms. Tipanan added, bring it to challenge the government’s administration submissively.

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