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Thailand to Allow Unvaccinated Tourists to Fly into the Country



Thailand to Allow Unvaccinated Tourists to Fly into the Country

(CTN News) – Thailand will permit unvaccinated tourists to fly into the country as long as they have either proof of recovery from Covid in the past six months OR a doctor’s letter explaining why they are not vaccinated after facing international backlash for abruptly reintroducing the two-dose Covid-19 vaccine entry requirement.

All airlines have received an updated Notice to Airmen (NOTEM) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).

“The Ministry of Public Health has issued the following action for overseas travelers…

“1. Passengers must have a statement from a doctor stating a valid medical reason if they do not have confirmation of complete vaccination or proof of Covid-19 recovery, which must be older than six months (180 days).” Additional entrance restrictions were described in the NOTAM…

“2. Passengers must have health insurance that covers at least US$10,000 of covid-19 therapy for the itinerary in Thailand plus seven days if they are from a nation with regulations that might prohibit them from returning owing to the disease.

Students and flight crew with business agreements may have a letter from the host or another insurance to address such necessity.

“3. United Nations Laissez-passer and holders of official or diplomatic passports are free from the obligation to get health insurance.

“4. Thai passport holders are excluded from health insurance and immunization check requirements.

“5. The airlines must do the necessary document checks. Passengers are subject to testing at the port of arrival if they cannot provide documentation demonstrating that these criteria have been completed.

“6. The airlines must abide by relevant laws and instructions, such as requesting that passengers always wear masks save while eating or in an emergency.

“7. Any passenger exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms during the flight will be advised to test upon arrival.”

If uncertain, you may check with your airline to see whether they have already received the NOTAM.

It’s not yet apparent whether papers will be examined simply at the port of departure or upon arriving in Thailand.

The CTN will update the article when more details become available.

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