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Thai Education Visa: Everything you need to know



Thai Education Visa Everything you need to know

(CTN News) – There are several methods to live lawfully in Thailand for a long time. The Education Visa often called the ED Visa, is one method.

The full name of a Thai education visa is a Non-Immigrant ED Visa. Foreign nationals who want to stay in Thailand to pursue a full-time educational program and are at least 12 years old are eligible for this visa.

The Thai education visa for studying Thai is a popular option for those who wish to remain in Thailand but aren’t qualified for other Thailand visas.

The Thai government is cracking down hard on the issue. Thus, this tactic is no longer working.

Unless you want to learn Thai and actively participate in lessons, enrolling in classes only to get a visa puts you in danger of barring your entry to Thailand.

A foreigner may get a Thai education visa in Thailand to enroll in Thai language classes or other relevant courses at recognized Thai educational institutions.

Instead of only learning the language, some people have been known to get a Thai education visa to acquire other talents like Thai boxing, scuba diving, and many more.

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