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Thai Lottery Draw Trends Set to Unveil in November



Thai Lottery Draw Trends Set to Unveil in November

(CTN News) – On November 1, the Government Lottery Office (GLO) published the lottery’s track record dating back ten years, covering draws held on that day. Some curious patterns emerge from the data, such as an abundance of repeated double digits. Fans and specialists of the lottery look for their winning numbers everywhere they go.

Unveiling Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers: A Decade of First Prize Winners

The winning Thai lottery ticket for the 2017 drawing was 913106, with the digits 839 and 722 in the prefix, 343 and 922 in the suffix, and 70 in the two-digit suffix.

The winning lottery ticket for the year 2021 was 045037, which had the numbers 458 and 247 for the prefix, 331 and 755 for the suffix, and 95 for the two-digit suffix.

The winning lottery ticket for the 2020 drawing was 506404, with the digits 154, 598, 062, 245, and 40 making up the prefix, suffix, and supplementary numbers, respectively.

The winning 2019 lottery ticket has the following combinations: prefix (323 and 806), suffix (206 and 021), and a two-digit suffix (79).

First place in 2018 went to ticket number 149840, which included the winning combination of a three-digit prefix (576), a three-digit suffix (309), and a two-digit suffix (58).

The winning lottery ticket for 2017 was 533726, which had the following winning numbers: prefix (three digits) 165 and 425, suffix (three digits) 485 and 036, and last two digits (two digits) 85.

The winning ticket for the 2016 lThai ottery was 785438, which had the numbers 976, 824, 752, 038, and 86 as its prefix, suffix, and two digits, respectively.

The winning lottery ticket for 2015 was 361211, which had the numbers 106 and 757 as its three-digit prefix, 166 and 473 as its three-digit suffix, and 45 as its two-digit suffix.

The winning 2014 Thai lottery ticket had the following combinations: 206608, 607, 203, 855, 979, and 44 for the final three digits.

The winning 2013 lottery ticket included the following combinations: 739804, 502, 020, 256, 173, and 47 for the final two digits.

In 2012, the winning ticket was 524694, and the winning numbers were 217, 188, 285, 338, and 63 for the two-digit suffix.

KhaoSod was the original source for this data.

Nonthaburi’s Government Lottery Office (GLO) is where this year’s Thai lottery draw will take place on November 1.

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