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Raising Awareness regarding the Dog Meat Trade in Asia



In Thailand, over 1,000 dogs are inhumanely transported to neighboring countries every day


CHIANGRAI TIMES – The Soi Dog Foundation, a not for profit organization focused on saving the lives of Thailand’s street dogs and cats, is well known to visitors and residents of Thailand for the exceptional work they do to help the stray dog and cat population throughout the country day and night, 365 day per year.

Soi Dog has now launched the Trade of Shame Campaign to raise awareness regarding the dog meat trade in Asia with a goal to put an end to this horrific trade.

Soi Dog Adoption Program helps homeless dogs

In Thailand, over 1,000 dogs are inhumanely transported to neighboring countries every day where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods. The conditions under which the dogs are transported and slaughtered are inhumane and many die from suffocation long before they reach their final destination. In reality these are the lucky ones.

Those that have survived the unbearable journey are then inhumanely killed due to people believing that the more pain inflicted before death results in tenderized meat for eating. The dogs are tortured for hours and then often skinned alive.

This horrific trade is condemned by the vast majority of Thai people and The Soi Dog Foundation and Thai Government are working together to end this appalling practice.

Recently arrests were made where more than 1,000 dogs were rescued from trucks in Nakhom Phanom, a north-eastern province of Thailand heading towards Vietnam. 119 dogs had already died of suffocation in the cramped cages. Another arrest came after The Thai Navy caught a gang of dog smugglers heading for Laos with a ferry carrying more than 750 dogs, cramped into rusty cages. A Thai man was arrested while the other smugglers escaped.

This victory for Trade of Shame has caught attention worldwide however; these awful crimes are still taking place and must be stopped.

The Trade of Shame Campaign needs the help of the Thai people and people worldwide to raise awareness and stop this cruel trade before any other dogs are killed.

You can help raise awareness by liking and sharing the Trade of Shame Facebook page Shame

There is also information on how to contact Thailand’s Parliament and Thai and Vietnamese Consulate / Embassies in your country where you can express your support for the Animal Welfare Draft on The Soi Dog Foundation website

For more information please visit

Notes to Editors The Trade of Shame Campaign is part of The Soi Dog Foundation, a not for profit organization based in Thailand.

If you require more information please visit or contact Jo Murphy on

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