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Top Cyber Crime Police Officers Linked to Macau888 Gambling Network



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Former politician Mr. Chuvit Kamolvisit has requested that Thailand’s national police chief take immediate action against two senior police officers accused of running a large online gambling network.

Following a police crackdown on gambling site macau888, Mr Chuvit, who recently exposed police corruption linked to “grey businesses,” has turned to gambling. A series of allegations made by TV actress Arisara Thongborisut sparked the investigation.

She claimed that four brothers, including her ex-boyfriend “Benz Daemon,” ran the macau888 network. According to the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau, police have arrested 46 suspects and seized numerous assets so far.

Mr Chuvit said the macau888 network, which had about 5.5 billion baht in circulation, was relatively small compared to another gambling network run by “Inspector Sua” and “General Jor”. He claimed that they used their connections to power the network, which had more than 10 billion baht in circulation.

He added that the network has its own cooperative and several front companies, and that it is linked to the unregistered massage parlour Lalisa, which was raided by authorities on February 3.

“Inspector Sua” is ex-cyber police who works in logistics but rarely shows up for work, he said, adding the national police chief must clean up cyber police units starting with “Inspector Sua”.

“I give you until Monday, and if you don’t take action, don’t blame me for any damage to the police force’s reputation,” the ex-massage parlour owner said, adding that, while physical gambling dens pay off police units to keep authorities at bay, gambling sites only deal with cyber cops.

Concerning the macau888 network, he claimed that cyber police waited too long before acting, and the four brothers fled. According to him, the network allegedly asked “General Jor” for assistance in exchange for 500 million baht.

Macau888 Gambling King Brutally Abused Thai Actress

Macau888 Gambling King Brutally Abused Thai Actress

Macau888 Gambling King Brutally Abused Thai Actress

The Thai actress who made her ex-illicit boyfriend’s gambling habits public said she was physically assaulted by him when they were together.

On Sunday, January 5, “Due Arisara ” Thongborisut posted a Facebook article about her ex-boyfriend Chaiwat “Benz” Khajohnboonthaworn, alias Benz Daemon. She stated that her ex and his three siblings ran macau888, an illicit online gambling business.

After she made her declaration on Facebook, the inquiry got underway. The police searched Benz’s residence in Bangkok’s Wattana neighborhood and his warehouse on Krungthep Kritha Road in the Saphan Sung neighborhood, but they could not find him.

According to reports, he took off for Taiwan before the police sweep.

The cops searched Benz and his brothers’ homes and took numerous priceless items.

The Immigration Department’s Deputy Inspector of the Royal Thai Police, Kunakorn “Bright” Khajohnboonthaworn, was questioned. Despite demonstrating his innocence, he ultimately quit and left his position.

The hunt for Benz and his brothers is still underway.

The Thai actress revealed the macau888 gaming website in a Facebook video that gave her justifications.

In the video, Due Arisara said that Benz and his family brutally, physically and mentally abused her for over two years of their relationship.

She alleged that Benz hit her in the head with boiling soup, leaving bleeding bruises and cuts and that his family was there but did nothing to stop the assault.

Due oArisara ffered photographic proof to back up her accusations.

“At the time, I was too afraid and frail to speak up about the assault, but with my husband Sebastian Lee’s support, I feel ready to do so today.

I now have a lovely family and have learnt what true love is like, but it still aches every time I see a scar from that nightmare when I look in the mirror.

She received a lot of criticism and inquiries about why she decided to report the crime from online users.

Many people thought she sought money from Benz, while others said her husband’s unlawful business dealings were how he became wealthy.

Thailand’s Police Chief Apologizes to Taiwanese Actress

Thailand’s Police Chief Apologizes to Taiwanese Actress

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