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‘Massacre’ At Gaza Hospital Prompts Iran To Call For Sanctions On Israel



'Massacre' At Gaza Hospital Prompts Iran To Call For Sanctions On Israel

(CTN News) – Following the deadly attack on al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza last week, which resulted in the death of more than 500 people, Iran urged members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to take a strong stance against Israel.

Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Iranian foreign minister, has called for the imposition of an oil embargo, as well as other sanctions against Israel, as well as the expulsion of all Israeli ambassadors from Iran.

In an emergency OIC meeting held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, on the issue of the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he made the following remarks.

The Iranian Foreign Minister, as stated by an official statement, “calls upon all Islamic countries to immediately and completely embargo Israel, including oil sanctions, as well as expel Israeli ambassadors if relations with the Zionist regime have been established”.

In addition, Amirabdollahian has proposed creating a team of Islamic lawyers that would be charged with documenting possible war crimes that Israel may have committed in Gaza. Having said that, it’s important to note that Iran has no diplomatic relations with Israel at this time.

The call for action came as a result of a devastating Israeli air raid that resulted in the death of a large number of Palestinians in a hospital in Gaza, according to Palestinians.

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Gaza Health Ministry,

Reported that hundreds of people died in the attack, and rescue efforts are still underway in order to recover the bodies from the rubble.

There were widespread protests in support of Palestinians across the Middle East and North Africa in response to the hospital strike.

It was reported that demonstrations were organized at Israeli embassies in Jordan, Turkey, and near the US embassy in Lebanon. As well as Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, and Iraq, protests have also taken place in these countries.

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, condemned the attack on the hospital as a “hideous war massacre” and accused Israel of crossing the red line.

As a response to the attack, Israel’s military denied responsibility for the attack and stated that it was a misfired Palestinian rocket that struck the hospital.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the attack on the hospital was carried out by “barbaric terrorists in Gaza” and not by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

According to him, those responsible for the death of Israeli children were also endangering the lives of Palestinian children.

During the 11-day conflict in Gaza, the conflict has taken a heavy toll on the lives of human beings, with Gaza’s health authorities reporting that at least 3,300 deaths have occurred and 13,000 injuries have been sustained. The death toll reached 1,400 in Israel, with 4,475 injuries as well.

International attention and condemnation have been aimed at the present situation, with calls for a peaceful resolution to the crisis becoming increasingly louder as the situation worsens.


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