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Graduate Of Ohio State Falls During Graduation And Dies

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Ohio State
Emergency services were seen outside the Ohio State Stadium in Columbus, following a person falling to their death on Sunday 5 May 2024 (WBNS)

(CTN News) – On Sunday, a tragic accident occurred during a graduation ceremony at Ohio State University, causing a person to fall from the stand of the stadium and succumb to their injuries.

In Columbus, Ohio State, an incident occurred at around 12.25pm, with the person being reported dead when medics arrived at the scene, according to 10 WBNS.

In spite of the incident, the ceremony appears to have proceeded as planned, with news of the death spreading among the students in the stands during the ceremony as the ceremony was in progress.

According to a statement issued by a spokesperson for the college, “we will provide counseling and other support resources to anybody affected by today’s incident,” a spokesperson for the college told 10 WBNS.

In response to the Independent’s request for more information, Ohio State has yet to respond to the request for further comments.

When the event took place, there were about 12,500 students in the stadium.

There is still no way to confirm the identity of the person who died, according to the Franklin County coroner’s office, which spoke to The Columbus Dispatch on Monday.

Reporters from the outlet, who were at the event, told the outlet that some students appeared to be visibly upset after the event.

Ohio State University held its graduation ceremonies after weeks of campus protests across the country, taking place after weeks of student protests across all campuses of the university.

There were some students in Indiana who walked out of their graduation ceremony on Saturday, while at the University of Michigan, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted the event.

While Melissa Shivers, the senior vice president of student life at Ohio State University, called for Columbus to hold a day without interruptions as part of the student life conference.

According to the Dispatch, she told students before they arrived on campus that today is a day for us to focus on and celebrate our graduating students, who will be leaving school in the near future.


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