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Thailand’s Prime Minister Vows to Relisted Cannabis as a Narcotic

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Thailand's Prime Minister Vows to Relisted Cannabis as a Narcotic: File Image

Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated on Wednesday that his administration is determined to relist cannabis as a narcotic by the end of 2024. He declared on X his harsh approach to illicit narcotics.

Mr Srettha wrote on his X account that he wanted the Public Health Ministry to adopt new legislation that would only allow medical cannabis use.

Thailand will become one of the first Asian countries to decriminalize marijuana in 2022. While the intention was to encourage therapeutic usage, recreational use exploded in the absence of a complete law.

The previous government failed to approve a cannabis measure. The Ministry of Public Health has drafted a new bill, which Cholnan Srikaew, the former minister, thought would pass through Parliament by the end of 2024.

The measure championed by Dr. Cholnan, who lost his job in last week’s government upheaval, would clearly define out permitted medicinal uses of the plant, as well as what types of use would be prohibited.

Somsak Thepsuthin, the new minister, stated last week that he wants to hear people’s thoughts before reaching a final decision on the future of cannabis. He stated that the procedure would not take long.

Thailand’s Drug Problem

Mr Srettha announced that the country’s drug problem is a vital national priority, and that all agencies must collaborate to address it. He stated that he expected to see “clear results” within 90 days.

“Drugs are a problem that is destroying our country’s future. Many young folks are addicted. “We need to work quickly to seize assets from drug dealers and expand treatment,” he said.

He also expressed his opposition to a highly criticized health ministry regulation on methamphetamine possession known as the “five-pill rule”. The rule, which was also created by Dr Cholnan, aimed to clearly distinguish between users and dealers.

The National Narcotics Act states that a “small amount” should be considered for personal consumption but does not specify a figure.

Dr. Cholnan stated that people in possession of tiny amounts of methamphetamine for personal use should not face prosecution if they agree to get treatment. The regulation required five tablets or less.

Re-criminalize cannabis

Mr Srettha stated unequivocally: “Set the amount to be assumed to be in possession for consumption to one tablet instead of specifying a small quantity,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the decision to re-criminalize cannabis coincides with the fast rise of a domestic marijuana retail industry, with thousands of shops and businesses opening in the last two years. One study estimated that the industry might be worth up to $1.2 billion by 2025.

According to Prasitchai Nunual, secretary-general of the Cannabis Future Network, changing the laws again would be a terrible move for the economy and a significant blow to small enterprises and consumers.

“Many people have grown cannabis and opened cannabis stores. “These will have to shut down,” he said.

“If scientific evidence shows that cannabis is more harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, it can be reclassified as a narcotic. If cannabis is less hazardous, they should also classify cigarettes and alcohol as drugs.

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