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Swiss Army Knife Maker Plans To Produce a Version Without a Blade.

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Swiss Army Knife
A Victorinox Swiss army knife. The company has responded to an increasing number of countries imposing bans or restrictions on carrying knives. Photograph: V & A

(CTN News) – Since more than a century ago, the Swiss army knife has been an indispensable instrument for all individuals, including horseback riders, astronauts, golfers, and picnickers.

However, the manufacturer of the pocket knife,

Which features multiple tools and a red or blue exterior, has now produced a new line of knives without blades in response to the “plague of Swiss Army Knife crime,” as an English magistrate put it last week.

Pocket Swiss Army Knife manufacturer Victorinox, based in Switzerland, is currently developing its inaugural line of bladeless products designed for situations where a blade is superfluous, in response to the increasing number of countries that have prohibited or restricted Swiss Army Knife carrying.

“We are concerned about the increasing regulation of knives in light of global violence,” said Carl Elsener, the family-owned company’s fourth-generation CEO. In specific markets, the blade elicits thoughts of weaponry. The purpose of my project is to create a device that passengers will find useful.

It should be noted that, despite the lack of a blade, cyclists still require certain items. In fact, we already have a device designed specifically for golfers.”

The “plague of knife crime” in Bristol and the adjacent areas was cited by Mr. Justice Saini as the cause of death for 16-year-old Mikey Roynon, a gifted young rapper who was stabbed in the neck during a house party in Bath, last week. Roynon was a gifted young rapper.

A 15-year-old boy was convicted of murder the same week for fatally stabbing another adolescent in the heart in front of pupils departing from a primary school in Leeds.

It occurred concurrently with projections that the incidence of violent and abusive incidents at retail centers had escalated by 65% over the preceding two years, thereby stimulating the need for body armor designed for security personnel.

In the United Kingdom, carrying a knife in public is strictly prohibited for individuals whose folded blade does not exceed 3 inches (7.62 centimeters) in length.

In all other cases, carrying a knife in public is strictly prohibited unless there is a valid reason to do so. Illustrative instances of valid justifications encompass incorporating the knife into a ceremonial ensemble, carrying it for professional obligations, or pursuing a religious inclination (as some Sikhs adhere to with their curved kirpan knife).

As a result of stricter regulations, Victorinox is developing bladeless tools for specific outdoor sports or pastimes, according to Elsener.

Victorinox manufactures approximately 10 million of these portable tools annually. One of the approximately 400 variants available serves 73 functions. Additionally, NASA astronauts have carried them into outer space.

However, they have always Swiss Army Knife owned at least one blade.

Already requiring product modifications to comply with stricter regulations regarding the carrying of blades, the company experienced a 30% decline in sales following September 11th.

The subject of permissible carry has been a subject of debate even in Switzerland, the country of origin for the brand. In 2016, a parliamentary debate ensued concerning the prohibition of weapons exceeding 5 centimeters in length. “Will the renowned Swiss army knife be prohibited?” a member of parliament inquired. The proposed modification was discarded.

The Swiss army knife, initially referred to as an Offiziersmesser or officer’s knife, was conceptualized in Ibach, Switzerland, in 1891, as a result of a contract between the company and the army to sell cutlery.

The product was renamed the Swiss army knife six years later.


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