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Apple Vision Pro Headset Set for US Release on February 2



Apple Vision Pro Headset Set for US Release on February 2

(CTN News) – The tech company revealed that Apple‘s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset will finally be available in the US on February 2nd.

The mixed-reality device, which retails for $3,499 (£2,749) in the US, will be available for pre-order in the middle of January, but its release date in the UK is still up in the air.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, this has been the company’s first big new product.

After years of speculation throughout development, the headset was finally unveiled in June 2023.

However, problems have arisen after that. In 2024, Apple is expected to produce 400,000 units, a decrease of about 50% from the original projection of one million units, as reported by the Financial Times.

In addition to the release date, Apple explained that the headset’s eye-tracking technology can work by monitoring just one dominant eye for people who do not fully use both eyes. The device will also have 256GB of storage, according to Apple.

The company attempts to differentiate the headset from competing products by instructing app developers to use “spatial computing” when referring to their work.

Blog posts directed at developers advised against using terms like “augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), extended reality (XR),” and “mixed reality” (MR) while describing app experiences.

It seems like Apple is trying to replicate the excitement surrounding the 2007 iPhone launch by releasing an online teaser depicting movie actors wearing goggles and helmets.

Apple might have a new multi-billion dollar revenue stream if it takes off. The astronomical price tag, however, will certainly restrict this to the realm of the wealthy because countless individuals across the globe are already struggling to afford the necessities of existence.

The BBC had the chance to test out the Vision Pro in June of last year and had mixed feelings about mixed reality.

Among the select few press organizations worldwide, we had the opportunity to try out the device. However, we were asked not to take images or record videos.

Apple has removed the battery, unlike most current headsets, making it lighter and more comfortable. However, this does require the battery to be physically located next to you, connected to a cord.

Traditional, uncluttered Apple design defines the user interface. As soon as you put on the headset, you won’t be looking through the glass; instead, the multitude of cameras included in the device will fill your field of view.

Immersed in digital content superimposed on top of your physical environment – that’s the “mixed-reality” experience.

If you’re familiar with the iPhone, you’ll recognise the icons for iMessage, Photos, and Apple TV (and more will be added when developers create them) when you physically push a single button on the headset’s top right side.

After that, gesture control becomes second nature; the headset follows your gaze, so it will launch if you aim at an app and pinch your index and middle fingers together.

A physical dial allows you to adjust the magnification of whatever you’re viewing and choose your degree of immersion. It can take up the whole space or make your wall look like a TV screen.

No matter how engrossed you are in a virtual world, you will always be able to see a person walking right in front of you.

On the other hand, if there was a problem with the demo, an Apple employee would point out that it was still in its early stages and that we couldn’t record or discuss the problems because Apple forbade recording during the demonstration.

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