The World’s Most Unlucky Man Who Infected With COVID, Monkeypox & HIV At The Same Time
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The World’s Most Unlucky Man Who Infected With COVID, Monkeypox & HIV At the Same Time



The World’s Most Unlucky Man Who Infected With COVID, Monkeypox & HIV At the Same Time

(CTN News) – At the same time, a young man gets covid, monkeypox, and HIV. In an Italian 36-year-old man, the case is the first in the world.

Days after returning from a trip to Spain, the man tested positive for covid, monkeypox, and HIV.

Journal of infection authors emphasize the possibility of an overlap of these pathogens, and recommend not ruling it out, especially if the affected person engages in risky behavior.

Italian man tests positive for monkeypox, Covid, HIV all at once:

During his stay in Spain between June 16 and 20, the man practiced unprotected intimacy with other men.

He developed a fever (up to 39°), fatigue, headache, and swollen glands nine days later. He tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 on July 2.

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Due to the progression of the vesicles, he went to the emergency room of G. Rodolico – San Marco Polyclinic of the University Hospital of Catania, Italy, and later transferred to the Infectious Diseases Unit,” the article says.

His monkeypox test was also positive. He was also tested for HIV, and given his CD4 cell count (which indicates immunity), “it can be assumed that the infection was relatively recent,” the researchers write.


It is important that clinicians are aware of the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 and the monkeypox virus can coexist, particularly in subjects who have recently traveled to areas with monkeypox outbreaks.

Even if the skin is intact, the oropharyngeal mucosa may be involved, so an oropharyngeal smear should be performed even if there are no cutaneous manifestations.

As the doctors who treated the patient explained, there is no evidence that the co-infection of these three viruses could aggravate his condition.

This case illustrates that monkeypox is mainly transmitted sexually. Despite its inability.

Although it does not seem to be a sexually transmitted disease, intimate and direct contact during intercourse remains the main route of infection.

It is mainly affecting the community of men who have sex with other men at the moment. In spite of monopolizing 98% of the cases, anyone exposed to the virus can still be infected.

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