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Dolphin Calf With ‘Low’ Survival Chances Nursed Back To Health in Thailand



Dolphin Calf With 'Low' Survival Chances Nursed Back To Health in Thailand

(CTN News) – With the help of volunteers, a sick dolphin calf found by Thai fishermen is making a successful recovery.

Last month, Paradon, whose name means “brotherly burden,” was expected to die from its ailments.

When the dolphin was found to be critically weak, experts gave it a low chance of survival. Volunteer caregivers even had to hold Paradon up in the water at first.

According to Thanaphan Chomchuen, a veterinarian at the center, the chances of him surviving were quite low.

Thailand Baby Dolphin

“Usually, dolphins found stranded on the shore are in such terrible condition,” said Chomchuen.

It is extremely unlikely that these dolphins would survive. On that day, we gave it our best shot.”

In a small habitat, veterinarians and staff play with Paradon, feed him milk and practice his motor skills. A team of volunteers care for him around the clock.

Volunteers are still struggling to get Paradon to eat every few minutes, so he isn’t out of the woods yet.

The 32-year-old financial adviser Thippunyar Thipjuntar is one of many volunteers who babysit with Paradon.

Thailand Baby Dolphin e1661631124138

“He doesn’t eat enough and prefers to play instead. As she fed the sleepy Paradon, cradled in her arm, she worried he wasn’t getting enough nutrition.

“When you come here to be a volunteer, you want him to grow strong and survive.” she explained.

Veterinarians are preparing for possible long-term care in Thailand until Paradon is able to hunt for its own prey again.

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