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Pakistan Day: Celebrating The Birth Of An Islamic Republic

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Pakistan Day

(CTN NEWS) – Pakistan Day is an annual holiday commemorating the creation of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as well as the country’s independence from British domination.

Every year on March 23, Pakistanis around the world commemorate this important day for them.

This article discusses the history and significance of Pakistan Day, the events that led to the country’s independence, and how the day is honored in Pakistan.

Background: From Dominion to Islamic Republic

After several years of debate, Pakistan gained independence from British colonial rule on August 14, 1947.

The country was known as the Dominion of Pakistan at the time, and it was divided into two parts: West Pakistan (present-day Pakistan) and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

Pakistan did not become an Islamic Republic formally until March 23, 1956. The country’s constitution was ratified on this day, and the Dominion of Pakistan was renamed the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

On March 23, Pakistan Day honors the approval of the nation’s constitution and the establishment of an Islamic Republic.

The Road to Independence: A Brief History

The struggle for freedom on the Indian subcontinent was long and difficult. Several empires and colonial powers, including the British, Portuguese, and Mughals, dominated the region in the past.

In the late nineteenth century, the Indian National Congress was created to promote Indian interests against British authority. Despite this, Hindus dominated the Congress, and many Muslims felt their voices were not heard.

The Lahore Resolution of 1940

The Muslim League, a political party representing the interests of Indian Muslims, had its annual meeting in Lahore in March 1940.

The Lahore Resolution, which called for the establishment of an autonomous Muslim state in British India’s northern and northwest provinces, was passed during this meeting.

According to the resolution, “the areas in which Muslims are numerically in a majority, such as in India’s North-Western and Eastern zones, should be combined to establish ‘Independent States,’ with constituent entities that are autonomous and sovereign.”

The Role of the Muslim League

In 1906, the Muslim League was formed to champion the interests of Indian Muslims. Muhammad Ali Jinnah led the party and later became Pakistan’s first governor-general.

The Muslim League played an important part in the movement for independence under Jinnah’s leadership.

Both the British and the Indian National Congress initially opposed Jinnah’s notion of an independent Muslim state. Nonetheless, the Muslim League’s tireless efforts resulted in the establishment of Pakistan.

The Struggle for Independence

Throughout the war for independence, there were countless protests, rallies, and acts of civil disobedience.

The British government established the Rowlatt Act in 1919, allowing them to arrest and imprison anyone suspected of seditious activity.

This sparked extensive protests and rallies, notably the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre, in which British troops opened fire on an unarmed mob of Indian protesters, killing hundreds.

The Ceation of Pakistan

After years of conflict, Pakistan gained independence on August 14, 1947. The country was previously divided into two states, West Pakistan and East Pakistan, with a Muslim majority.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah was Pakistan’s first governor general and played an important role in the country’s formation.

Nonetheless, there were challenges in establishing Pakistan. As a result of India’s partition, which resulted in immense violence and displacement, millions of people were forced to relocate to either India or Pakistan.

The impacts of partition can still be felt today due to ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan over the disputed state of Kashmir.

The Significance of Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day is a significant occasion for Pakistanis all around the world. It is a national holiday commemorating the country’s independence and the founding of an Islamic Republic.

It is also a day to remember those who fought for Pakistan’s freedom and made sacrifices.

Parades, flag-raising ceremonies, and other festivities celebrate the occasion. Every year, a massive military parade is held in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, to honour the day.

On this day, Pakistan’s president and prime minister address the nation, outlining its achievements and the difficulties it faces.

Celebrations and Traditions

Pakistan Day is observed in a variety of ways throughout the country. In addition to the military parade in Islamabad, other cities and towns hold parades and other activities.

The hoisting of the national flag, a sign of pride and unity for Pakistanis, also occurs on this day. Many people also wear the colours of the Pakistani flag, green and white, to display their patriotism.

On this day, the national flag is hoisted, which is a sign of pride and solidarity for Pakistanis. Several people wear green and white, the colours of the Pakistani flag, to show their patriotism.


Pakistan Day is a significant holiday for Pakistanis all over the world. It is a national holiday that celebrates the country’s independence and the establishment of an Islamic Republic.

It is also a day to remember those who fought and sacrificed for Pakistan’s independence.

Despite the challenges that Pakistan has encountered over the years, the country has made great progress in a number of sectors.

Pakistanis have accomplished incredible things both at home and abroad, in disciplines ranging from sports and entertainment to science and technology.


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