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SBP Issued a Commemorative Coin of Rs50 to Mark the Pakistan Senate’s Golden Jubilee

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SBP Issued a Commemorative Coin of Rs50 to Mark the Pakistan Senate's Golden Jubilee

(CTN News) – On Friday, to celebrate the Senate’s 50th anniversary as Pakistan’s upper chamber of parliament, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) released a special commemorative coin with a face value of Rs50.

SBP Issues Commemorative Coin to Mark Senate’s 50th Anniversary

According to a statement released by the SBP, the Senate will celebrate its golden jubilee in 2023 by issuing a commemorative coin with a face value of Rs50.

Constitutionally a permanent house, the Senate of Pakistan represents a process of continuity in national affairs and is the upper legislative chamber of Pakistan’s bicameral parliament, with equal representation from all of Pakistan’s provinces.

Coins can be obtained starting March 17th at all SBP Financial Services Corporation branch exchange counters. The coin is 30 millimeters in diameter, weighs 13.5 grams, and comprises 75% copper and 25% nickel cupro-nickel.

Pakistan Senate’s Golden Jubilee Honoured with Special Coin

The coin’s front features a waxing crescent moon and a five-pointed star oriented to the northwest, with the words “Islami Jamhuria Pakistan” printed in Urdu writing around the rim, above the crescent star.

The year of issue, 2023, is inscribed below the crescent on top of two wheat stems with their arms bent upward. The numeral “50” appears in bold characters on the coin’s right side, while on the coin’s left side, “Rupia” appears in Urdu script.

The Senate of Pakistan crest is featured on the obverse of the coin, in the exact center, with the monetary denomination of 50 written in artistic numerals to the right.

The words “Pakistan Senate Golden Jubilee” are written in Urdu around the circumference of the symbol and the top.

Underneath the emblem are the dates (1973-2023) representing the golden jubilee.

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