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Japan Hosts a Multilateral Display of Naval Unity Amid Tensions in East Asia



Japan Hosts a Multilateral Display of Naval Unity Amid Tensions in East Asia

(CTN NEWS) – YOKOSUKA, Japan: November 6-On Sunday, North Korea fired a record number of missiles, and China put more pressure on Taiwan.

Japan staged its first international fleet review with ships from 12 other nations in 7 years.

In Sagami Bay near Tokyo, 38 ships took part in the naval parade. Of these, 18 were from friendly countries like the United States, South Korea, Britain, Australia, Singapore, India, and Thailand.

A total of 33 aircraft, including helicopters and patrol planes capable of looking for submarines, were in the sky.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated in a speech on the Japanese helicopter ship Izumo, “We must be prepared for those who violate the law and who would use force to trample on the peace and security of other countries.

“By the end of the year, we will have developed a new national security plan and significantly improved our defence capabilities.” Source: Telly Kim

Japan Hosts a Multilateral Display of Naval Unity Amid Tensions in East Asia

Mitsubishi F-2 fighters of Japan Air Self-Defence Force fly during an International Fleet Review. PHOTO: Reuters

Before travelling to the Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan to meet with Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and top navy officers, Kishida received dignitaries on the Izumo.

After showing Kishida around the Ronald Reagan Building, Emanuel observed, “What irritates China most is that we have allies; they are wide and extensive.”

Kishida’s Liberal Democratic Party planned to quadruple Japan’s defence spending in five years.

South Korea agreed to join Japan’s festival as relations between the neighbours improved. After a dispute over pay for wartime labourers and Korean women forced to serve in Japanese military brothels, this was done. Due to this conflict, the two American friends’ efforts to work together more closely were in jeopardy.

In 2018, Japan declined to participate in South Korea’s fleet review. This is due to Seoul’s request that it not fly the rising sun pennant.

South Korea considers it a reminder of Japanese aggression during World War II. Tokyo turned down South Korea’s invitation to a scheduled 2019 review.

As Pyongyang ramps its missile launches, North Korea launched what is believed to be a long-range missile on Thursday, prompting an alarm for central and northern Japan residents to seek cover.

China turned down a request to participate in the review and criticized Japan’s intentions for defence spending. Because it invaded Ukraine, Russia was not invited.

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