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Myanmar Residents Flee as Rebel Forces Take Out Junta’s Last Stronghold in Myawaddy

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Myawaddy Myanmar Residents Flee as Rebel Forces Take Out Junta

Anita-Junta ethnic troops have launched an offensive on the Myanmar military government’s last stronghold in Myawaddy, near the Thai-Myanmar border. Many individuals are requesting permission to enter Thailand’s adjacent Tak region as a result of the severe fighter.

According to border security officials, explosions rang out along the Thai-Myanmar border in Mae Sot, Tak province. Myanmar inhabitants were fleeing for safety at the Mae Sot border crossing. Tensions in Myawaddy have risen as opposition troops battle for control of the Myanmar military’s last stronghold.

In the early hours of Wednesday, the Karen National Union (KNU), the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and anti-coup fighters from the People’s Defence Force assaulted the Myanmar Military Base, resulting in a continuous exchange of gunfire for several hours.

The anti-coup forces attacked the Junta military installation using explosive-laden drones, heavy artillery, and machine guns.

Myanmar military reacted with heavy gunfire and a huge number of heavy weapons, targeting the rebel fighters’ hiding places. Myanmar Air Force fighter jets dropped multiple bombs, creating smoke and burning visible from a distance.

Myanmar Residents Flee as Rebel Forces Take Out Junta

Due to the extended fighting, several families have evacuated from Myawaddy via the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to relatives’ homes on the Thai side, using temporary border passes.

Approximately 200 villagers, mostly children and the elderly, were seen crossing the Moei River on long-tail boats to seek temporary refuge in the no-man’s land area just beyond Thai borders.

Thailand’s border patrol confirmed that both Mae Sot-Myawaddy border checkpoints remain open, although with increased security.

The confrontations have raged on for over 5 kilometers from the Thai-Myanmar border. Residents of the Mae Sot neighborhood could clearly hear heavy weapon explosions.

Thailand’s border security forces, which include the military, police, and local authorities, have fully armed and deployed forces to protect the border checkpoint and the whole Thai-Myanmar border.

Myanmar Residents Flee as Rebel Forces Take Out Junta

Col Nathakorn told CTN News that soldiers from the Ratchamanu unit were monitoring the bank of the Moei River, which defines the border in Tak province, and were well prepared for any situation.

Lt Gen Prasan Saengsirirak, the Third Army chief, told a press briefing yesterday that the Myanmar Junta government had not lost Myawaddy and that there were no refugees. He stated that there were fights between Myanmar government soldiers and ethnic troops near Myawaddy.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stated that the country remains impartial on the matter. There were plans in place to handle any refugees that arrived.

He also stated that now is a good time to begin discussions with Myanmar, as the military administration that took power in a 2021 coup is crumbling.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin

Thailand has pursued numerous contacts with Myanmar since Srettha took power last August, including delivering aid to Myanmar as part of a humanitarian initiative aimed at paving the way for discussions between warring factions.

Despite the junta’s objections, the Thai parliament organized a symposium on Myanmar’s political situation last month, which included the attendance of military opponents.

Srettha stated that Myanmar was extremely important to Thailand, and that he and other Thai officials had spoken with numerous stakeholders in Myanmar as well as foreign partners such as China and the United States.

“The country that stands to gain most if Myanmar becomes unified, peaceful and prosperous is Thailand,” she remarked.

The Thai government will not take sides in international conflicts and would pursue a peaceful resolution, government spokesperson Chai Watcharong said in a statement on Monday in response to media inquiries about the situation in Myanmar.

Srettha stated that he plans to meet with cabinet members, senior military, and security officials on Tuesday to streamline government policies toward Myanmar.

“I’m meeting with five or six people who are the key players and make sure that we are on the same page,” he told Reuters.

Military Junta Forces Surrender in Myawaddy, Myanmar

Military Junta Forces Surrender in Myawaddy, Myanmar


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