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Why Corian® Is The Best Option For Healthcare Facilities



Why Corian® Is The Best Option For Healthcare Facilities

In today’s world, shifting attitudes toward production is driving a focus on one primary aspect: product sustainability.

Therefore, more businesses and institutions focus on ensuring a better future by seeking more sustainable options.

In order to actualise this vision, Corian® is committed to implementing a sustainability approach.

Hence, their listed solutions are primarily geared toward delivering safer solutions,solving climate change and boosting communities’ ability to thrive.

As a result, Corian® Solid Surface products are a unique blend of superior quality, higher practicality, rich aesthetics and valuable sustainability.

In addition, they are highly adaptable to numerous applications, from residential spaces to commercial areas and even healthcare facilities.

Here is more insight into how Corian® is building a sustainable future and why it is the best option for healthcare facilities.

Enabling Circularity

The circular economy is quickly becoming a significant contributor to sustainability in relation to product creation.

Its creation was tailor-made for tackling global challenges like climate change. It does so by fostering material redesign (making them less resource intensive during production), reducing material use and utilising waste as a resource.

Corian® Solid Surface contributes to the objective of a circular economy by focusing on four core pillars: reuse, upgrade, repair and refurbish.

Moreover, since Corian® Solid Surface is highly durable, with design specifications that allow easy repair, cleaning and longer use life, its use in healthcare facilities unlocks the potential for significant resource savings.

Promoting Transparency

Corian® is wholly committed to sustainability. This dedication is evident in the brand’s array of independent certifications and awards, noting its hygienic and environmental performance.

In addition, each product is labelled with Product-Specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations -the most credible, independently verified reportdetailing the life-cycle environmental impact of its products.

Corian® Solid Surface is also Red List free. This designation means a specific company has disclosed 100 percent of ingredients found to contain no Red List chemicals at significant levels.

Products with the Red List Free label comply with the Living Building Challenge’s goal of ingredient transparency and elimination of harmful Red List chemicals.

For healthcare facility applications, Corian®’s property as a non-toxic material makes it highly desirable.

It doesn’t release any gas under normal temperature conditions, and when burned, it primarily releases carbon oxides.

Additionally, the resultant smoke doesn’t contain toxic halogenated gases – an outstanding safety feature in places like hospitals.

Reducing Impact

Corian® is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes.

Therefore, keeping to this pledge, the company’s North American plants now use 100% renewable energy sources in all material production.

They also participate in the national and international chemical industry associations’ Responsible Care program.

Corian®’s Healthcare 8550 basin embodies this principle through a design that complies with the AusHFG Type B standards.

Consequently, it is ideal for use in areas requiring overall hand hygiene by visitors and staff.

Moreover, combined with the brand’s joining technology, the Healthcare 8550 integrates seamlessly into a Corian® benchtop, thus ensuring optimum infection control in healthcare environments.

A brighter Future Together

Corian® strives to empower the new generation of architects, interior designers and furnishing manufacturers to build lasting structures while maintaining creativity.

They do so by providing products like Cellular, whose design and creation focus on sustainability while its highly customisable nature makes it ideal for the ultimate reception area.

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