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6 Habits That Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Bedtime Routine



6 Habits That Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Bedtime Routine

 6 Habits That Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Bedtime Routine  – Getting started with a new sleep Bedtime routine is not easy. Especially, if you’ve never had any kind of routine in the first place.

But don’t try to challenge yourself too much!

You intend to reduce the struggle to go to sleep, after all.

The best way is to follow simple habits. And follow them consistently.

Here are some basic habits to include in your sleep routine right away.

1. Hydrate for the Night

Your bedtime routine should involve timely and adequate hydration. Paying attention to when and how much water you drink in the evening can considerably improve your sleep quality.

Be mindful of your regular sleep time. Make a conscious effort to drink a glass of water for at least two hours before bed.

After this, you should drink water only sparingly, maybe a sip or two. That’s it.

It may seem a little challenging at first, especially if you usually gulp down a glassful of water just before you tuck yourself in bed.

But exercise some self-discipline. Try to drink a lot more water during the day, so that you don’t feel extreme thirst by night.

2. Have a Personal Hygiene Routine

Most people start their hygiene routine when it’s too close to bedtime, or when they’re already so exhausted they can barely do anything more than hit the bed.

What’s the result? Either they skip brushing their teeth and flossing altogether, or only do a shoddy job of it.

If you set yourself up to begin your personal care routine at least half an hour before bedtime, you’ll have more time to dedicate to the finer aspects of your routine.

If you wear a night guard to bed, you need to take special care never to skip your nightly brushing routine.

Also, make sure you pick the best night guard, custom-designed for your dental structure to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Smile Brilliant’s night guard is a good option if you’re looking for a new night guard for bruxism-related symptoms. It’s scientifically designed to ensure maximum comfort and quick relief from teeth grinding at night.

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude helps us focus on the bright side of life. Making a daily habit of expressing gratitude for all the good things that came your way through the day will leave you feeling light and cheery.

A gratitude journal is useful for inculcating this habit. You can make a point to thank the Universe or God for all the greatness in a pocket diary or a bullet journal.

Or you could download a mobile app that prompts you to jot down your thoughts of gratitude.

Although you can write a gratitude journal any time of the day, doing so at night has some unique benefits.

You can clear your mind of any negativity. Journaling is a meditative process and helps you relax so you can fall asleep quickly.

4. Plan the Activities for the Next Day

We’re glad you could appreciate the benefits of going to bed with a clear mind. We’re sure you’ll agree that waking up with clarity of thought is immensely beneficial too.

The only way to avoid Monday morning blues (or better to say ‘everyday morning blues’!), is to plan the day.

But remember, just list out your top priorities in the planner. Give it a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

If you get into the minute details of the day’s schedule, your brain might get too active. In that case, it will be hard to get any sleep!

5. Bedtime Stretches

Before you turn off the lights, go for some easy stretches and loosen up your stiff body.

A bedtime yoga routine or similar gentle stretches can have a therapeutic effect and improve your overall health in the long run. Other benefits of bedtime stretching include reduced anxiety and better metabolism.

6. Wind Down and Relax

After stretching, you might already feel calm. Maybe you let out a slow yawn or too.

Now is the time to put off the lights, and prepare to wind down fully.

Learn simple meditation techniques or breathing exercises and get regular with them every night. Or play some relaxing sleep music or positive sleep affirmations in the background.


This simple 6-step routine will help you drift to deep sleep.

Be consistent. In a few days, you’ll notice the positive effects of having a good night-time routine.

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