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The Best Beginner-Friendly Workout You Can Do From Your PG in Bangalore



The Best Beginner-Friendly Workout

It’s been a few weeks since you moved to Bangalore and settled into your PG in RT Nagar. The feeling of newness and unfamiliarity is starting to fade now and you’re in the process of creating a daily routine for yourself. Your focus is no longer on exploring the city, but on getting your life into shape so that you can make the most of your time in Bangalore. And coming up with a workout routine is just part of that process. But we know that integrating exercise into your life is often easier said than done. This is why we want to help you make it a reality.

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One of the major factors that prevent us from building physical fitness into our daily routine is that it requires us to leave the house or invest in expensive equipment. And as a beginner trying to find their own groove, you might not want to spend a lot of money on staying active. That’s why we think that this equipment less, the beginner-friendly home workout is going to be perfect for you. Follow our step-by-step guide for the best results!


When you’re working on a goal of physical fitness, it’s important to be prepared. You want to give yourself the best chance of feeling the impact of the workout. Make sure that you’re dressed in comfortable clothes and sneakers, and that you have enough space around you to move freely. If you’re doing your workout in the privacy of your PG room, make sure you clear out enough floor space so that you can stretch without bumping into bits of furniture. Keep a water bottle handy so that you can hydrate through your workout. And make sure that you have a protein-rich post-workout snack to grab after your routine.

Warming up

The first thing you need to do before you start your workout is warm up the body. Do some light stretches or spot-jog for a minute to get your heart rate up and get ready for the workout. Since this is going to be an equipment-free routine, it’s important to pace yourself and keep a consistent energy level for as long as possible. A good warm-up routine is a key to ensuring that you’re able to get the most out of your workout.

Set 1

Start the workout with some cardio in order to get your blood pumping. A round of high knees is the perfect way to do just that. After a minute of high knees, add an arm pump in to work your whole body. At the end of the round, move directly into a side lunge posture, alternating sides. This will stretch out your calves and thighs. Repeat this routine three times. Closeout the set with twenty-five squats, making sure that your knees do not cross your toes.

Set 2

This set is all about working your core and arms. Start off with twenty mountain climbers. Get into a basic high plank position to start this exercise. Then draw one knee up to your chest, alternating each time. Make sure that you keep your core engaged throughout. Repeat three times, taking ten-second rest breaks between each round. Finally, close out this set with three rounds of ten push-ups each. If you’re a beginner when it comes to push-ups, you can start with knee push-ups and gradually work your way up to a regular one.

Set 3

You don’t need to be a member of one of the top gyms in Bangalore to experience the strain of leg day. With set three of this workout, every day can be leg day. Start this set with a combination of twenty bicycle crunches and V extensions. To do this, lie flat on your back, bring your arms up to your head and cycle your legs such that your knees attempt to touch your elbows. After five cycles, interspersed with a V extension. Lie flat on your back and stretch your arms above your head. Now, using your core, extend your legs and arms off the ground in a V formation. Hold for ten seconds or as long as possible.

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End your workout with a set of cool-down stretches and breathing exercises. Stretch out your arms, legs, core and hips with some lunges or yoga postures. A ten-minute mindful breathing or yoga Nidra exercise can be a great way to ground yourself after a workout.

And there you have it. This simple beginner-friendly workout is the perfect way to start your fitness journey from your PG room. So, go ahead and give it a try!