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The Healing Qualities of Hot Mineral Baths in Chiang Rai



The latest buzzword in wellness is sleep, and there’s a new awareness of how sleep deprivation makes itharder for our bodies to recharge and repair itself from stress, thus leading to further exhaustion.

We’re not talking straight up insomnia, but all manner of  sleeplessness, such as going to bed too late and waking up too early, going to bed hooked up to electronic devices and social media while falling asleep, or being constantly woken by noises or caring for other people during the night.

The body produces certain hormones at specific times during the sleep cycle, so if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are hindering your body’s natural hormone production too.

Tania Ho, founder and owner of Museflower Retreat & Spa Chiang Rai, found that as a typical new mother she wasn’t getting enough sleep with a newborn baby, and found that a simple natural therapy helped her get the much needed rejuvenation and down time that most new parents forget to take for themselves.  Tania discovered the healing powers of mineral hot springs while visiting Japan.

“Whenever I was in Japan, I really enjoyed soaking in the Onsens (hot springs) there. It helped relax my achy legs and tired feet after a long day of walking around sightseeing and shopping, it relaxed my tense shoulders from carrying a bag, or carrying a baby the whole day, and after soaking I just fell asleep right away because it was so relaxing.”

Hot springs are mineral springs which are geothermal waters that various cultures in Europe and Asia have been using for therapeutic benefits for centuries. The healing properties come from the hot temperature which is naturally heated in the earth, and natural minerals in the water.

Mineral baths can benefit the endocrine system by simply allowing the body to fully relax. How does it do this? When the body is stressed, the adrenal glands produce stress hormones such as adrenaline. Under chronic stress, the adrenal glands work overtime, throwing the endocrine system off balance. By relaxing the body and relieving stress, the adrenal glands get to work less, and eventually bring balance back to the endocrine system.

“Since Museflower is a retreat for people to relax their minds as well as their bodies, there isn’t much entertainment offered in the evening after dinner. So soaking in the mineral bath is a wonderful natural health therapy that guests can do in the evening up until 9pm, to help sooth any achy muscles and for general relaxation. I personally love to recommend guests to enjoy the mineral bath so it can help result in a deep, rejuvenating sleep in a relaxed state.”

The mineral baths at Museflower Spa are heated at 40c, using an advanced E-green oxygenator system to purify the water with oxygen and copper. A trace amount of copper is beneficial for our hair, skin, bones and metabolism. The mineral bath helps relax tense, aching muscles and stimulates the blood circulation.

I’ve had two guests who told me they fell asleep on the sofa in the changing area after soaking in the mineral bath! They didn’t plan to fall asleep, but since the changing area is an open air private garden, they must have been lulled by the breeze and sounds of nature and birds, and they just passed out there.   Personally, as a busy new mother, I also found that it’s a perfect way to get some time to relax and get some easy self-care time.”

By Minty Green

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