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China Cozies Up to Germany’s Angela Merkel Over Trumps Tariffs




BERLIN – Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang’s visit to Germany is intended to signal that the two exporting powerhouses stand together against unilateralism and protectionism, Beijing’s ambassador to the European Union said.

The trade conflict between Europe, China and the United States is high on the agenda for the consultations between Li and Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday.

In an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper, ambassador Zhang Ming warned that China and Europe were prepared to do what it takes to retaliate and show the United States that a policy of escalating trade conflict would be harmful.

“China has tried extensively to stop the trade conflict with the United States escalating into a trade war but it takes two hands to clap,” Zhang Ming said in the interview, adding that no one would profit from a global trade conflict.

The United States and China exchanged the first salvos in what could become a protracted trade war last week, slapping tariffs on $34 billion worth of each others’ goods and giving no sign of willingness to start talks aimed at a reaching a truce.

“The Chinese are peaceful people and I think the Europeans as well, but we must demonstrate to the trade war’s initiator that its action is wrong,” he said.

By Riham Alkousaa – Reuters

U.S. Won’t have a future if China continues unfair trade practices

China has been stealing our intellectual property for years. When an American company goes to China, they force that American company to surrender its technology to a Chinese competitor.

That Chinese competitor winds up beating the American company, not just in the Chinese market, but around the world. And that’s an unsustainable situation that President Trump has decided to crack down on.

We have a program to do that. It’s not just that China cheats and steals our intellectual property. They’re also coming with large bags full of money to basically buy up the crown jewels of American technology.

And the biggest picture here is China has this thing called China 2025. It’s a policy manifesto which says that they want to take over all of the emerging industries of the future, artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, these things.

And if we allow China doing this, particularly using unfair trade practices, we won’t have a future. And that’s what President Trump is very concerned about.

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