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Disabled Dog Saves Infant Buried Alive by 15 Year-Old Mother in Northern Thailand



BANGKOK – A disabled dog in northern Thailand has rescued a newborn baby after it was buried alive, allegedly by its teenage mother.

Three-legged Ping Pong is now the hero of Korat’s Tha Talat community after he found a newborn buried in a cassava field on Wednesday. Farmers noticed the dog sniffing around one spot, before digging and finding a child.

The baby boy is said to have been abandoned by his mother, 15, to hide her pregnancy from her parents.

Ping Pong was barking and digging in a field in Ban Nong Kham village. Its owner says he then noticed a baby’s leg sticking out of the earth.

Locals rushed the baby to hospital where doctors cleaned him up and declared he was healthy.

Ping Pong’s owner, Usa Nisaikha, says Ping Pong lost the use of one of its legs after being hit by a car.

He told Khaosod Newspaper: “I kept him because he’s so loyal and obedient, and always helps me out when I go to the fields to tend to my cattle. He’s loved by the entire village. It’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, the newborn’s 15 year-old mother has been charged with child abandonment and attempted murder.

Chum Phuang district chief Pairat Witayanumat said the girl did not really want to kill her baby but did it out of panic and the shame she would bring upon her family.

The girl’s parents have decided to raise the baby boy.

Police were able to identify the girl after she had bought an unusually large number of sanitary napkins at the time.

Source: Khaosod, BBC



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