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American Backpacker Assaults Hostel Staff Over $6.25 in Northern Thailand



CHIANG MAI – An American backpacking tourist, visiting Chiang Mai, has been arrested after assaulting a youth hostel employee over an argument of $6.25 USD.

The Thaiger News reported that following a night out, the backpacker brought a girl (western) back to the mixed dorm room that he shared with nine other people.

The report on Reddit alleges the two had sex and were making a lot of noise.

The following morning the young American backpacker was asked to leave for breaking hostel rules and was asked to pay an additional Bt200 ($6.25) for allowing the girl to stay in the dorm with him.

The man refused to pay $6.25 and a fight followed, caught on camera, in the reception of the hostel.

In the footage the American man can be seen punching a staff member of the hostel before being restrained by another backpacker and a staff member. Some comments in the original post say that the man was also asked to leave by some of the other people staying in the Hostel.

The report suggests the man was later taken into custody by Chiang Mai police.

The Thaiger, Reditt

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