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Elon Musk Announces Major Logo Change: Twitter’s Blue Bird To Be Replaced by “X”




(CTN NEWS) – Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of Twitter, has revealed exciting new changes coming to the platform’s visual identity.

In a surprising move, he announced the decision to replace Twitter’s well-known blue bird logo with the letter “X.”

This bold step is likely to spark curiosity among users, as they anticipate the transformation of the familiar branding they have grown accustomed to.

The implementation of the new logo is expected to take place soon, as Musk mentioned an interim version would be launched on a Sunday.

Twitter’s “X” Transition: Unfolding a New Identity and Direction

Users can look forward to seeing the transition unfold and witness how the “X” will come to represent the platform’s identity.

But that’s not all; the changes don’t stop at the logo. Elon Musk further revealed that the URL “” would now serve as an automatic redirect to Twitter.

This move seems to be a strategic decision, aiming to align the platform with the distinct “X” branding and potentially open up new possibilities for future developments.

With Elon Musk at the helm, Twitter continues to evolve, and these recent announcements hint at a dynamic and exciting direction for the social media giant.

As users eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the interim logo and the implications of the “” redirect, it’s evident that Twitter’s future holds significant changes that will leave a mark on the platform’s identity and user experience.

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Twitter’s “X” Transformation: A Bold Step Towards a Comprehensive “Super App”

The recent changes, involving the replacement of Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo with the letter “X” and the adoption of the URL “,” mark a significant turning point for the social media platform since Elon Musk’s acquisition last year.

These alterations represent the most dramatic shifts in the platform’s identity and direction under Musk’s ownership.

This transformation appears to signal a new era for Twitter, aligning with Musk’s ambitious vision of creating a “super app” that offers a diverse range of services.

Musk has long envisioned Twitter evolving into a comprehensive platform, not just limited to microblogging but expanding to encompass a wide array of functionalities, including online banking and video messaging.

In a tweet, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino expressed excitement about the platform’s future and its potential as “X” to deliver an all-encompassing experience to users.

This suggests that the changes may pave the way for Twitter to evolve into a multi-faceted app, offering users a one-stop solution for various online needs.

Musk’s desire to name the platform “X” has been evident since the time he was on the verge of officially acquiring Twitter.

He saw the acquisition as a catalyst for realizing his vision of creating an “everything app,” where users could access a multitude of services and features within a single platform.

This concept of an “everything app” draws parallels to the popular WeChat app in China, known for its extensive range of functionalities, from messaging and social networking to mobile payments and more.

By pursuing a similar direction, Twitter under Musk’s leadership seeks to position itself as a versatile and indispensable platform in the digital landscape.

As the platform continues to evolve and undergo these transformative changes, users can expect Twitter to explore new horizons, potentially redefining how social media and online services converge in a dynamic and innovative manner.

In a May interview with NPR, Ashlee Vance, the author of “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” revealed his aspiration to develop an app that emulates the pervasive role of WeChat in China’s day-to-day life.

This envisioned app would serve as a multi-functional platform, enabling users to communicate, access news, make purchases, pay rent, schedule appointments with doctors, and even settle fines – just like WeChat does in China.

Elon Musk2

Elon Musk’s Ambitious Twitter Rebranding Sparks Doubts Among Experts

Twitter plans to introduce a sleeker, more futuristic logo, aligning it with the style seen in Elon Musk’s other ventures, Tesla and SpaceX.

However, social media expert Jennifer Grygiel doubts Musk’s ability to revolutionize Twitter as the re-branding suggests.

Grygiel, a professor at the University of Syracuse, expressed skepticism about whether Musk can gain enough trust from Twitter’s user base to persuade them to conduct financial transactions or link their accounts to any financial institutions through his app.

She pointed out that decisions made by Musk, such as removing blue checks, terminating numerous Twitter employees, and reinstating problematic accounts, have damaged Twitter’s integrity.

According to Jeffrey Blevins, a journalism professor at the University of Cincinnati, Musk has disappointed a considerable portion of Twitter users to the extent that a rebranding alone might not be sufficient.

He suggested that Musk’s approach might involve a radical transformation, essentially “saving” Twitter by deconstructing it and rebuilding it as an entirely different entity.

The Mystique of Elon Musk’s “X” Obsession: From to Tesla’s Model X and Beyond

For years, the billionaire has maintained a peculiar fondness for the letter X, though he has kept the reason behind it largely enigmatic and shared little explanation.

During one of his earliest ventures, Musk named his online bank, a title that was eventually discarded when the platform merged with a competitor and transformed into PayPal.

According to Vance, many people advised Musk against using that name due to its potential sexual connotations, but he remained adamant and stuck with it.

Interestingly, “X” is already the name of Tesla’s third electric car model, which was introduced in 2015.

Additionally, Musk’s renowned spaceflight company is named SpaceX. Notably, in 2020, Musk and his then-partner, the Canadian musician Grimes, chose the unique name “X Æ A-12” for their youngest son.


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